Fuck this

  • Fuck this just died to a lag spike at glands there was nothing there i was gonna go nexus cuz the lag but i pop :/ Fuck this game made out of shit

  • Hey why so mad mr. @iNeedHelp , I dont see much people quit cuz of a death yknow and this game aint shit m8 yu better watch your tongue...just chill and Wipe HYPE , go drink bleach or something.

    EDIT: r u quittin cuz idk anyways just chill...:p

  • Yeah ill drink the bleach until Wipe and have fun after that just dieing over and over cuz i sucks but the lag just couple minutes ago

  • @iNeedHelp XD hope you still live after bleaching so have a nice CLEAN life get it? I think bleach is for cleaning...right?

  • 27

    Options -> Menu

    Only newbies are salty.
    And lol players.
    And rotmg players.
    And deca haters.
    And people in wc.
    And everyone, who reads this post.
    And idfk.

  • i clean myself from inside drinking bleach and then after that drinking water

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