What is your favorite Queue activity?

  • Cloud 9

    For those of you who do not have donor accounts, what do you do while you wait?

  • Doge Club

    masturbating vigorously to horse x nilly porn

  • Wiki Editor

    When I didn't have my mapper rank, my favorite thing to do was play Minecraft. Ah, playing around with command blocks back then was fun...

  • Welcome to Chili's

    lol I play on my phone and talk to friends. other than that I go on these here forums. Like right now.

  • i got tired of it so i bough a donor account from someone else :p

    but before that i questioned myself about life and the universe

  • Noah's Ark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    @Naia LAye down and cry on how pathetic my life is and how i waste it on a fictonal game taht never will support me while I go through a esstesential nightmare and wonder how i will be rembered after i die

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