Selling my Nilly's Account ''Flussen'' WITH E-MAIL+LoL PBE Account for buying me Donor Rank ( 10 USD)

  • Beacuse i have no paypal,and i have no bitcoin,and i need the donor acc,i'm offering you my account.
    For people that don't get it,ill tell u my nickname on my second account and you buy me the donor acc,lol.

    IGN : Flussen
    Stars : 31

    If u want to talk about it,add me on steam or just msg me right under this post.

    My steam :
    Skype : domca-8

    Edit 1: I'm adding PBE Account for League of Legends.
    Edit 2:Adding Book of Geb (200-300 Fame)
    Edit 3:
    If you don't like any of these,I can add my 27 lvl on EUNE,that is almost unranked.I'm known for elo boosting,so if you will buy me the donor rank,i am able to get that acc from unranked to Plat V (10 won games,maximum rank u can get from unranked games),and if you don't like this deal,you are a probably bonobo.I'm right now on discord,so u can talk with me.

  • Please,this is important for me,ill pay more on Nillys when i get back to the game and i get some items.

  • So my PBE account is gone,i got scammed,but i still have the 27lvl.I promise that if you buy my Nillys Realm account and LoL account and u reach lvl 30 there,ill boost you to Platinum V for free.

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