• skype:lukexie2002

    only selling to highly vouched players since I have new vouches and other wont want to go first to me

    account 1: pet 70/70 heal magic heal atkclose
    6 char 6 vault 1 dbow 1 dblade 1 3/8 knight very close to being 6/8 except speed and life
    account 2: pet 75 71 5x 14 char 7 vault nothing else on it all 14 chars unused atm
    account 3: pet 83/79/6x h mh e a few 6/8 and 8/8 with total of 14 char 18 vault tons of whites and cloths and backpacks
    also selling sts/tops

  • i sell u u stuff

  • Like what?

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