Character Deletion (Problem Solved)

  • My character was deleted when i logged on today, please help. It said a leviathan killed me but i nexused in time before it killed me, and it didnt show a death screen.

  • I don't know the exact reason this happens but I assume its something to do with server delay etc. When you just nexus and it puts you in queue sometimes you actually die just before but it doesn't show death screen

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    @Serif It depends whether or not you used /nexus or pressed the nexus hotkey.
    Whenever you use the /nexus hotkey, there is a slight delay before the action takes place, so in that delay your character is still eligible to take damage.
    If you pressed the hotkey, you are instantly disconnected from the server and therefore there is no delay.

  • @LagoonZz I pressed the hotkey then during the queue wait, it took me back to the screen where you pick your characters and my character was missing.

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    @Serif Okay, so basically, lag. The client wasn't catching up to the server, and it didn't receive that you had taken, I don't know, like 2 shots to the face. It said on the HP bar that you still had some health left, you nexused, waited in queue, but because you "died' while in the queue, it took you to the character screen.

  • @Pyrouge Well i guess that was the problem, thanks for the help!

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    @Serif No problem, sir ;)

  • Ill keep this conversation up for others if they have the same problem.

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    @Serif nah most players will know just rmb to hotkey fast slight delays will kill u

  • ok so when you die after you press the nexus hotkey that is actually you have died before it registers that you have pressed it... thats the delay from you to the server and back

    where as when you do /nexus that can take between 0.5 to 15 seconds to actually go through (depending on ping, etc.)

    so thats just a brief explanation for those who didnt know :D but yeah it happens all the time people can do /nexus and still be dead others can put in hotkey and be dead it just depends on how well your ping feels like doing at the time x.x

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