Always disconnecting

  • Im always being disconnected and put back in the queue. I have good wifi and have no reason for it to do that, its pissing me off, I got to spot 2 and had to go all the way back to 277, is this a common glitch?

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    this somtimes happens to me, and it pisses me off soooooo much. idk if it's a glitch or not however

  • @HeIios Just donate.

  • @Century I dont have a credit card or anything to pay with

  • @HeIios Sorry to hear bro, I hope soon enough you could!

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    dont happen to me you just need to git a old computer

  • @awlwongoriginal A old computer? wat? this never happened to me before

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    @HeIios It used to happen to me for a bit before i got the donor rank - i think what it is is that if your internet crashes for more than a second, you are immediately reset in the queue and therefore when u get the internet back u will appear at the end of the queue.

  • Update, server crashed and I finally got it, only to notice that for some reason I got disconnected again, I am literally going to kill myself, ive been waiting for about 4 hours now.

  • Touch yourself while you wait, you'll enjoy the extra time that way.

  • @LagoonZz So I have no possible way of getting in then?

    @Kslayer ive been touching myself for 4 hours now, its bent and beaten... I need to see a doctor

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    @HeIios you should be able to get in usually the glitch only happened to me occasionally. You might want to take a break from the game and yourself to let them both recover - it might help to find a different game for a bit to vent your frustration, and please dont vent ur frustration upon urself otherwise you wont just bend it, but itll be the first bone in your body to be fractured in 69 places :3

  • @LagoonZz Haha ok, hopefully it will fix itself.

  • @LagoonZz I'm never talking to you again...

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    fix internet xd

  • Update, I just got in, and disconnected right away and that damn music started playing, im actually killing myself right now, any suggestions for bleach? @ClaywhyRulez my internet is perfect btw

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    @HeIios Clorox is good brand. It's used by Leafy a lot, the king of suicide.

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    Yea, clorox is bleach of a good quality.

    In an emergency like a tornado, hurricane or whatever and people are out of safe drinking water then to the water you can find you'd add I think it's 16 DROPS of regular clorox to a gallon of water and let it sit overnight. That is for an emergency only and not as usual daily use drinking water. Yes there is a danger to doing that but if you need something liquid to survive it will get you by

    You can drink it without any problem.

    Otherwise if you drink clorox straight, you wouldn't die, at least not immediately;
    you may bleed out (unlikely but possible) or you would be unable to eat.

    So DO NOT use this, loves.

    @Pyrogue @Helios

    Literally; DO NOT use bleach.

    And DON'T KYS

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