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    I am a new player. I have been playing Nilly's Realm for about a week or two (not counting the time of not playing cuz salty).

    I have noticed that most of the fine ladies and gentlemen who play NR are from the United States of America, and the activity time varies by the time there. Before the wipe, when the US was sleeping, the queue was about 20 people long. When the US was awake, the queue was 100-150 people long. There were about 60-75 people in the queue between those times.

    After the wipe, the queue became a lot longer. At night in the US, the queue is 65-80 people long, at noon, there are 150-300 people and there are about 100-140 people in between.

    The question I am asking is why. Can some kind of expert enlighten me about this rise of activity after the wipe?

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    You seriously don't understand?

    No one wanted to play the game with the knowledge of an upcoming wipe, because there is no point.

    After the wipe the normal numbers returned along with quite a few old players.

    Simple really...

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    Before the wipe was even talked about, SLVRDLLR mentioned NR to his fans, so for a bit, the queue rose to how it was today (so about 150-275)
    When the new (or maybe even some of the elder pros) players heard of the possible wipe, they probably thought it was useless to keep on playing/rebuilding, as because of the wipe.
    After the wipe, everyone started to play maybe because of who could get a specific white first or something? It's just my theory on that one.

    TL;DR NR got popular (temporarily)because of SLVRDLLR. So, for a bit so the queue spiked until the wipe was confirmed; and then, many quit until after the wipe.

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  • Don't forget the influence of more donors. There has been an increase of around ~200 donor accounts. These accounts obviously skip the queue which means the people waiting in queue need to wait a fair bit longer now which also has an effect on queue length.

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    @nilly But soon there will be a second server and we can all be happy!

    right? :)

  • @BlameTheLag perhaps... :3

  • @nilly is there ever gonna be a donator qeue when theres alot of people?

  • @swagmatron The way it works now, donors are never put into queue. Works like the old days without queue. If for some reason the server caps out at 180 (server cap of donors+non donors), the donor account will simply be disconnected and will have to try again. That case will rarely happen though since donors squeeze out non donors on the server. The only time I've seen it happen is when we have a mass amount of players connecting at once.

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    @nilly said in Question about queue lengths:

    donors squeeze out non donors on the server

    wait what?

  • @RyanDestro The server cap is 160 for non donors. For donors it is 180. As non donors leave, donors take up spots that non donors can take. That is why the server always seems to settle at around 160 players.

  • I thank everyone for the answers. Have a good day.

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