I barely missed donations :(

  • I just got the money to afford a donation a few hours ago and come online excited to find it's too late :( And now when I get to the front of the 250 long queue I dc and get kicked right to the back :( This is really painful knowing donations won't be back for a while and I have to deal with this for a few months D': . Sorry for this being kind of whiny.

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    Would you like to discuss this or are you whining?

  • I'd like to know more about when the next chance for me to put in a donation would be, and if there's any server side reason for me consistently getting pushed back or if my internet just sucks.

  • @Namonamo this belongs to whine cellar. Nobody is certain when nillys is opening donations again.

  • Alright, I don't know how to move it though. Sorry for posting in the wrong place, I guess. It's just frustrating knowing I was a few hours off.

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    It wont be for a while since the last one was 3 months ago, you'll have to wait at least that long again if not longer (i think)

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    Froum mods can move it.

  • That's incredibly disappointing, if this queue length keeps up and I keep DCing I may have to give up for a while.

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    Life is hard.

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