Rules of not dying by stupidity

  • These rules are made by me, for me. I do not even know why I am posting them here.
    These rules will be updated as I make more stupid desicions.

    1. No Davy Jones until defense maxed.
    2. No Crawling Depths until defense maxed. Better if I just don't do it at all.
    3. If teleporting to a quest ends with being surrounded by gods, do not run. Dodge and teleport away or just nexus.
    4. No Shaitan until pro. I know I'm just going to nexus after the small heads and hands start appearing.
    5. WATCH YOUR HEALTH. Dying by not watching my health is a VERY stupid death.
    6. Very limited fun until speed and defense maxed. Better if attack is maxed too.

  • Detective

    1. No
    2. Also no
    3. Knight pls
    4. What about pub shaits .-.
    5. Everyone does this thing
    6. Also NO!! "Very limited fun" WTF, you can do ANYTHING you want, even shatters.. Pub shatters, YOU CAN DO IT

    Not dying by stupidity


  • GOD these notification sounds are horrible!
    I play a wizard, the 3rd rule stands.
    I fear too much, the 4th rule stands too.

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    How to not die:

  • Lolicons


  • Welcome to Chili's

    I use this too much. However, no one is listening.

  • Donor

    Just rename the topic to "The cancerous way I play nilly's realm"

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    nice try on getting reputation. pls get banned already too much shit post

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    @Loli said in Rules of not dying by stupidity:

    How to not die:

    how not do die

    dont play xd

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