The History of nilly's realm: Chapter 2-"Prehistory".

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    When the first man, Glorthan, was created the world seemed to be at peace. Lord nillard was no longer lonely but instead he had a friend, a legend who would go on to master all of the 14 classes ensued upon man by nillard. You may be wondering why nillard isn't capitalised, no it isn't because i have bad grammar it is because Lord nillard has no correct name and thus he was nicknamed a "Good person" and thus he was. Decades passed as Glorthan had finally finished his training but something in his heart felt heavy - he needed friends. As Glorthan said his prayers to Lord nillard, he heard them (this was a time when the deities gave a shit about man) so upon the world he created 5 new people - a woman for Glorthan, Sugary MILKTEA, vidaloka, SantaClaus, Devon and Protimes. When Glorthan looked upon the eyes of his mistress, he was enchanted, left awed. He had never seen such a beautiful person before - she was made in the most perfect image of Lord nillard for nillard has no gender. So Glorthan asked to be excused from the Hall of Legends and for his bedroom, it was one of the most elegant and regal bedroom anyone would ever behold. Finally Glorthan and his mistress had the correct situation to "sex bump" all night. This is believed to be how the first babies of the world were born but when they were born, a darkness approached the Kingdom of nillard and Glorthan. On the outskirts of the solar-system containing the realm a big vortex had opened, this came to be known as the Heavenly Hole by normies because it lead way for the other deities or Watchers to come into realm, they were born from similiar eggs to Lord nillard but less powerful for nillaard had stolen over 50% of the Universes energy when being created. These deities contained of powerful magical beings each with different features, these were - Q, Winter, Kronks, Varanus, Kithio, Fabian and Cyeclops. All mystical and Omniscient themselves.

    That concludes Chapter 2, tune in next time to see who those Babies were, pedophiles.

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    lame asf-.-

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    I am not going to make a story that you think is cool, it might be full of cancer. Sorry!

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    cancer only
    @Noah_ Can do this

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    @Claywhy Hell yea

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    This has problems.
    this is cancer.

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    @MrBoom going to be honest. It's kinda boring. Where is the action? The drama? The funny parts? :P

  • gg it was gr8

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    Woah... Where was Pink in here?

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    I guess it isn't really supposed to be interesting, and more of a silly lorified version of NR history :P

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    Then the great necro lord was resurrected.

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    yawns I think it’s the facts guy from “Hard Work” from Charles Dickens where he’s pounding on facts.

    Still tho… there’s a better history: the damn wiki. .-.

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    @Creeper tbh, the story was just a retelling but different :/. I like stories that contain new dungeons, or some cool effects! (Cough cough me cough cough) <--- could be true xD

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    @Justin137 A not-so-great telling

    Hold on a sec... I see some sex going on in here... this is a fanfic.... plus Milktea's a girl and she gets another mistress like "wtf am I looking at".

  • You guys know that to years ago you needed to pay to play the real nillys realm

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