I think they should make a class call guardian that almost has the same stats as a warrior but the ability stun and block the enemy shots and the higher the tiers the long the stun and wider shots that block the enemy shots
    ( draw what you think the class should look like or the ability {or got make your own class}
    0_1470876334170_Screenshot 2016-08-10 at 8.45.07 PM.png
    this is the class and it will look like this
    0_1470877275113_Screenshot 2016-08-10 at 9.00.54 PM.png

    this is the seal and it will look like this

    description: WHOA you have take in one of the eyes of the avatar it hold great power use it wisely
    shield stats : the t0 ability will start with 2 def and will go up by one every teirs
    this is what the t0 ability will look like
    0_1470877875426_Screenshot 2016-08-10 at 9.10.30 PM.png

    the description below is only for the t14 ablilty
    Mana Cost: 90
    Range: (4 + WIS ÷ 25)
    block any shot in rage of 5 blocks
    stun for 3.5 sec.
    Effect to self:
    Berserk for (2 + WIS ÷ 20) for 3 sec
    Cooldown: 5 seconds
    Stat Bonuses:
    +7 wis
    +5 vit
    +5 spd
    this IS ONLY TEIR 14
    class stats:
    lvl 1:
    hp 200
    mp 100
    dex 10
    vit 5
    att 7
    spd 10
    def 2 (becuase the to ability gives 2 def)
    wis: 10

    lvl 20:
    hp 630-710
    mp 170-210
    dex 25-35
    vit 40-45
    att 25-34
    spd 25-30
    def ???

    maxed stats
    hp 900
    mp 260
    dex 50
    vit 75
    att 50
    spd 55
    def 30(with out armor)

    the t12- t14 ability drops from:
    will be found from the last boss in shatter and alysum
    only teirs 12-14
    ( it a melee class so it uses weapons that a melee can use and melee armor)
    this class can take orxy shotgun and tomb shotgun and shatter and alysum and jeeb bosses is you press space at the right time
    plssssssss add the class

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    I think I know why you're called stoner now.

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    please make sense. i can't read any of that shit sentence that you typed out

  • Noah's Ark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    @stoner alt text

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    makes a 7x4 sprite in a 16x16 TEMPLATE

    no shading

    no class sprite

    not a good description of class


    @Risrr dude i just started this thing and i dont know what i should put for the class i only did for shiel
    plus i dont care about shading

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    @stoner shading counts

    if you dont want to. Then your idea is a drop in the lake of horrible ideas

  • Noah's Ark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    @stoner said in NEW CLASS Thread:

    plus i dont care about shading

    Automatic denial.


    @Noah_ there i fix everything

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    @stoner still no shading idiot


    @Pyrouge i dont care about shading

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    @stoner Then the sprite is horrible and no one wants it in-game.


    @Pyrouge fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    @Noah_ kk i will make moe info


    i HAVE FIX IT........ is it good?

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    @stoner Description sounds horrible.
    Seal thing needs to be 8x8


    @Noah_ is it better

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    ok so why instead of making a new class you just make a seal that destroys projectiles.

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    10/10 pls add


    @Pringle na that pally sux


    @Pringle plus you will be able to get to 75 stars

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    @BLOODQWEN Meme time

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    @stoner So you're making a new class because 'paladin sucks'?

    Nice. Actual cancer.

    Anyways... Your class idea is incredibly cancerous. Work on it a little to fix it up.

    Here are 10+ reasons why your class will never be added.

    • 1: Seals are already used by paladin as you already know. Make a unique ability before even attempting to make a class.

    • 2: Work on your descriptions. Capitalize it correctly and use words like 'you've' and 'hold' should be 'holds'. Rephrase your descriptions. Something like this would be better: "You've taken one of the eyes from the great avatar. It holds great power, so use it wisely." But even then that is kind of a bad description.

    • 3: Your sprites have no shading, and the colors you use are somewhat jaring. Matching up pure white and pitch black isn't easy on the eyes. I didn't like it on oryx, and I don't like it here.

    • 4: Your title is really bad for this topic. Auto assuming everybody will like your class and requesting it to be added are two things you should never do. Work on improving your request before even thinking about it possibly getting into the game. I, for one, in its current state would not like this class being added into the game.

    • 5: Your screenshots are really bad. Try only capturing the important parts of your ideas. For example, we should only be seeing 0_1470878072931_upload-c434efb7-2eab-46d7-b4ba-5184735ae2fb and 0_1470878086140_upload-77c2df9b-f083-424a-8f2a-9d54b0f4cc29 instead of everything else.

    • 6: Your t0 ability is a 'seal'? Honestly looks like a rusty nut to me. No shading and feels horribly designed. Just one color through the entire item. didn't even attempt to match up with the 'seal' idea your items are trying to be.

    • 7: You forgot wisdom in your level 20 and maxed stats.

    • 8: Your forum topic is incredibly unorganized and feels messy. Try bolding certain topics of each section in your post and make things look nicer. Example: Bold things like hp and add a : after it. Also try to capitalize it. Makes things open up more to the eyes and be nicer to read. (HP: 630-710) over (hp 630-710)

    • 9: Feels like this class is just you trying to make a better knight tbh. Stun within 5 tiles when knight has to get within 1-2 tiles. Blocks shots and gets berserk. Extremely high wis modifiers. This guy is really overpowered.

    • 10: You called it a shield and a seal. Mana cost is incredibly low for ability with all of that power. Lack of punctuation in your topic, and sometimes lack of capitalization. Used the enter button too much so some areas look way too barren. You said "I think they should make a class" when this topic should be about YOU making the class. You fail to mention which type of oryx you're talking about. Why is your level twenty defense three question marks? You shouldn't include stats from starting items in your classes base stats.

  • rejected


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