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    So my bud @Sniker gets banned for scamming. He claims that he was out of town and when he returned he saw that people were complaining about getting scammed by him. He offered to refund them and went as far as to refund them way over the original amount they were scammed. @Jaheski and @darkday51 were both previous customers and when the hacker looked through the PMs (we're guessing) he saw that they would probably trust him, aka easy scam. As Sniker is banned in Nilly's he refunded @jaheski 13$ in steam games, @florus a maxing service and items, and @darkday51 8 pixies (in prod). He lost about 60 life and 13$ only to remain banned for something he didn't do. Please un-ban him.
    @Forum-Moderators @Famous-Forumers @nilly @moloch @knorrex
    Any victims please confirm that he refunded.

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    @Dkjsahfhds That's what scammers deserve



  • @Dkjsahfhds well he refunded but scammers are scammers.

  • Ty for ure help bro <3

  • @obamabin How smart u have to be to understand that i was not the real scammer u dumb?

  • @Sniker lol I can come up with the same story, you are the dumb guy right here, and who ever unbanned you didn't do a good job.

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    @Sniker I've heard like 4 stories of people getting banned but all of them gave the same excuse. "Someone else was on my account"

  • @obamabin I cant understand how u all stupid guys here dont have to waste ure time shomewhere else and trying to go against me u dont even were the victims and u dare to create storyes about me u have never done a trade with me u had not experience how it went and u dare to speak bullshit against me
    That is really anoying stop it the guys who got scammed had treded in the past with me and even they went 1st all went smooth its clearly the reason they trasted my nillys forum acc again to buy fame and they got scamed from someone i dont even know who was also i had many viuches before than sinvce 1 1st started to buying fame for prod items and selling the fame after that i got many guys who can confirm they tradew with me before without something strange hapen and after all this u dumps ididot coming here to tell me that one day i got bored to trade fair and i started the scams? Just go find something else to spent ure usless time and leave me alone

  • @Sniker it's just a bit insane that you open up your nillys account on an internet cafe and magicaly 2 hours later someone who knows the game and how stuff works start scamming via your account. Please enlighten me how I instead of you make up stories..?

  • @obamabin I cant ensure that the hackerr broked in my acc from there its just a guess

  • @obamabin U have no idea what relly hapened ass i u didnt got scammed so gtfo out of here pls

  • @Sniker dude you can't even have a proper conversation. lmao

  • @obamabin If u dont like me just leave? will ya?

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    @obamabin Im not sure English is his first language

  • @Dkjsahfhds mine neither, how do you even believe the bullshit story, this is just too funny.

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    @obamabin I just believe that he wouldn't spend 60+ life to scam another person and get banned again.

  • @Dkjsahfhds as a guy with some selling experience believing in someone is the worst you can do.

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    @obamabin I know... I know...

  • @Dkjsahfhds I guess I'll give this guy the benefit of the doubt because he was unbanned, (hopefully by nillys who checked ip logs)

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    @obamabin He isn't unbanned yet is he?

  • @Dkjsahfhds well he is unbanned on forums, wasn't he banned on forums?

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    @obamabin I think

  • im sorry but i dont think snik should be unbanned because his story is more of a long shot then the water temple and i think he got caught realised and tried to fix it before he got banned and failed doing so :)

  • @obamabin @Dkjsahfhds I never was banned on forums i dont even know who banned me in game it was unexpectable like the day when i return ome and i saw the complains and reporst i ensure the guys samed from my acc that i will go farm to refund then in nilys fame @Jaheski can confirm this so istarted farming and the same night i had enouhght fame to refound the guys but when i toold them to come in game to refoun them i noticed my acc in game was banned

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