FIX THE DAM LAG and perma debuffs I got 20 or more perma debuff today but im lucky that i had a warrior or prest by me and i die becuase i WAS laggy and the dam screen wont the other parts of the game OMFG fix it pls...

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    If you haven't forgotten, Nilly mentioned that the road was gonna get bumpy when he started to fix to hacker problem. Do us all a favor and quit the damn whining. We already have plenty of that on the forums. And most importantly, you should be glad Nilly even decides to fix the game for us. You're just another thorn in his side complaining about something he's already taking precious time for.

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    Can everyone please stop blaming Nilly?!

    Okay, I lost a crapload of chars to perma debuff due to stupid blue sprites, Nurses, and cockroaches paralyze?!

    But it's not all Nilly, okay? It might be client based, it might not be, but don't sham Nilly for this. Just don't play until the problem's fixed.

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    @UnIocked that's true it's also due to your computer as well not all the lag is because of nilly trying to FIX the game so please do yourself a favor and stfu. @stoner

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