Foolish King (Set)

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    Name: Wand of the Fool
    Description: Only a fool would carry this wand.
    Tier: UT
    Shots: 2
    Damage: 40-60
    Rate of fire: 110%
    Shots hit multiple targets
    Ignores defense of targets
    Fame bonus: 6%
    Drops From: Queen of hearts
    Drop Chance: 1/3000
    0_1471244911614_Scepeter of the forgotten king.JPG
    Name: Scepter of the Forgotten King
    Description: The scepter of a king who was a fool to think that the people loved him...
    Tier: UT
    Stats: :
    Mp Cost: 95
    Damage: 150
    Range: 8
    Targets: 6
    Stat Bonus: +2 wis, + 2 dex
    Effects: Paralyzes targets for 3 seconds
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Drops From: The Puppet Master
    Drop chance: 1/300

    0_1471245838583_Robe of the fallen.JPG
    Name: Robe of the Foolish King
    Description: A robe that will make any good man go mad.
    Tier: UT
    +15 defense
    +95 mp
    +4 att
    (maybe -5 wis idk wanna hear your opinions)
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Drops from: Queen of hearts
    Drop Chance: 1/300
    0_1471246518566_Bood Stained Ammulet.JPG
    Name: Blood Stained Amulet
    Description: A blood swirled gem passed down generation to generation.
    +4 def
    +8 wis
    +4 vit
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Drops from: Bedlam, God of Chaos
    Drop Chance: 1/300
    I made this set because it seemed that sorcerer was lacking the love that the other characters were getting. Please comment any make suggestions and ideas down below ty.

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    alt text
    The sprites are bad.

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  • Lovecraft

    Overpowered shit

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    0_1471266712544_downloadelet this.jpg
    The scepter isn't even 8x8

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    The wand shot and sprite are bad, same goes to the rest of the sprites.
    Sprites have to strictly be 8x8, therefore the scepter has to be remade.
    Robe and ring are resprites of tiered robe and ammy/scammy, so you have to think on a new shape. Also don't use black as base color, because is hard to do if you don't know how to do shadding.
    Though i like that you followed the format, i give you credit for that.

    I'll see stats when the sprites are decent.

  • The scepter shouldn't have a 3 second paralysis for a mp cost of 95, personally I think that's pretty broken considering it can hit 6 targets. Also, the robe seems pretty bland and lacks any real uniqueness. Aside from that, I think the set is pretty cool and should be implemented if the scepter was toned down and the robe changed some stats to make it more unique.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    RIP- good opinions.

  • Foolosh king set half of it drops from queen ;-;

  • Lolicons

    You should retry making the sprites. Look at this thread first.

  • @Wizardism Tyvm

  • @Iatho k ill make the mana cost higher

  • @loudman42069 yes my first time sadly.. ill try to work on shading. thank you for your feed back.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @dfs And by the way: Don't use pitch black as your color.

  • @loudman42069 kk. Ty and if you get a chance check out my new aqua set and tell me your opinion still very new to this.

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    You can use dark gray.

  • @loudman42069 nvm put it in wrong thread will change it later its deleted for now

  • A Waste of Matter

    Give this to RotMGTool, i'm sure they'll love it.


  • @Hailtion KK man don;t gotta be so rude :C

  • scepter of the forgotten king should drop from ava

  • A Waste of Matter

    I'll give a semi-quick review of it because my phone game is on auto-mode:

    Sprites: 1/5
    Reason: I do see what you were trying to do here; the usage of certain similar colors in one area, then have a "main color" towards the tip to represent power. The only issue you had was mainly the shading and shape.

    Try to make the shape look different than what normal sprites look like; experiment with shading on RotMGDraw and just play arounds with it for a bit. (can someone post the links to whoever'(s) topics of sprite tutorials? I can't find them.)

    Try not to just re-color sprites, it'll never get in.

    Wand: 2/5
    Reason: I do see what you wanted to do: 2 fast-firing shots of armor-piercing capabilities.

    Use the pfiffel site and check how much damage it does in comparison to other wands.

    In terms of it's drop rate: 1/3000 chance from Queen of Hearts when it currently only spawns from Jeebs? No.

    Change it to like 1/300; or whatever the other drop rates of the Card Armor/Queens Head are.

    Scepter: 1/5
    Reason: I've never seen a good scepter idea that gives paralyze; the reason, besides the sprite and such, is because making a good paralyze scepter would completely devalue the fulmi.

    Oh yeah, and you can't make a scepter with heavy similarities to the Forgotten King drop from the Puppet Master, that's inaccuracy at it's finest. xD

    Robe: 1/5
    Reason: Ok...first: the only relation to the "Foolish King" is from half of the set, the rest is from the Forgotten King.

    But onto the stats: This is literally a worse-version of the Torn Garment of Esben

    Esben Robe gives +100MP, +8Att, +5Spd, +10Def, %6 Fame Bonus, and is 1/200 drop rate. There is no need for this kind of robe.

    Ring: 0/5
    Reason: Besides the fact that you literally just re-colored the skin of a current item, the amount of wis, along with the fact that it's a better expo w/ no MP would make being a Priest of Sorcerer far too easy.

    Verdict: This set gets a 1/5, i'm not really feeling it.

    This turned out to be longer than I expected, but whatever. If you need any suggestions: just ask, i'll give you a few.

    Good Luck.

  • ring should be the reskin version of bloody legacy

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