Is there a way to figure out False positives VS real hackers? (Add your take here)

  • Well I'm back to try and solve the false positives, Unfortunately people are still getting banned due to hackers having access to your IP. For that I'm sorry but I'm not tech savvy so I cant help you with that.

    If anyone have any suggestions on rooting out hackers and saving false positives. If you have advice for that please post it here...... Good luck and be safe.

  • @BlueskyKid You can tell the difference between lag and hacks usually by seeing if they are shooting, and the speed they are shooting. Lag makes it so you sometimes don't even shoot on other people's screens. Sometimes, they shoot slow and stand still, then teleport or run really fast to the next place they were at when they stopped lagging. Thats how I tell, anyways.

  • Terminal Dick Cancer

    @Geecgec nice catch I've noticed that as well.

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