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    I messaged the deca support staff a little while ago and I still havent gotten a response, so I would just like to know how long it usually takes for them to respond, as I know they have a smaller team than kabam did so it might take a little while longer.
    And im just going to try my luck here in case any of you lot know the answer too.
    Ive played prod on steam for many years but now i want to play it on flash projector cuz ive found out its less laggy and stuff. But when i type in all of my credentials it doesnt do anything once I click register (at the part where I register it to be able to play on web browser). Anyone know what to do to help??

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    @LagoonZz Messege deca about it. kappa

  • Took them 2 days with me.

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    @ZeKoala okay thanks at least now I have a rough timescale and i dont feel like im being ignored

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    my pet heals 67 hp and 27 mp
    What the hell prod xD

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