Thinking of leaving for a bit.

  • With hackers on the rise I might leave till Nilly can fix it as he says he will in the future. I am unable to play due to spikes in people playing like that and attempted to tp only to be sitting in a godwall or on a avatar. My internet makes it hard to play without all these things but when it happens I can barely even do even the most simple of dungeons. I think I might leave but NR is life so It's a small possibility. Any thoughts on what to do? I tried flash but man it only got worse.

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  • @Prism honestly dude i have stopped NR almost perma until the hacks get fixed x.x because im sick of losing my 6/8's with good shit x.x (rip 6/8 warrior with 1983 death fame ;-;)

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    Ive stopped playing nr too, but i just live my life on these forums :/
    Even when i quit playing rotmg + nillys and every other rotmg based pserver, ill still probably use these forums cuz it gives me something to take my mind off of the fact that I dnt have a social life.

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