RNG pls.

  • First and foremost, I am not here to request any changes. I am only here to vent my anger to RNGesus himself.

    I've been playing this ACTIVELY for about 2 weeks now. I've only gotten three whites. THREE. And that's with this servers increased drop chances. My brother has been playing for about, a week, and he's gotten nearly 40. What. Not only does he get so many, he gets them in chains, and not too spread apart. He gets so many in a day, and yet I have gotten three. And, they've been spread out SO much. Second day I started playing, I got a boomerang, nice. Sells for a decent amount, thanks. About three days later, I get a lava seal. Decent, sells for an average price. And, then the white bags went on hiatus until today, where I got a conflict. ARG. So annoying. Listening every few hours, "guess what I got", go kill yourself. Again, I'm not asking for changes, I just need somewhere to vent.

    How many whites have you gotten? In what time period?!

    EDIT: If needed, move to Whine Cellar, thanks.,

    EDIT 2: Ever since that white bag and this post, I have gotten 0 on everything except gods and sprites. Got an EP, now I must kill myself.

    EDIT 3: RNG has answered me. He has just blessed my soul with a cbow. Thanks RNG. Only took you fucking forever. <3

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    Its true that NR has increased chances, but that doesn't mean that you'll get a white bag everytime you do a dungeon(Your brother is friggin lucky lmao).

    So far after wipe i've got 2 EPs and a Jugg(WARRIOR IS BACK BABY!!). I wined sometimes, yeah i did, but i didn't wine about it on forums.

    You die a lot btw? Have you tried other classes(The proffitables ones)?

  • @XlindowX

    I do not die alot. My Necro has been alive for awhile now. I died on my Rogue(lel) but, that was due to being so close to o2 hehe(Cronus range made me get close).

    And, yes. I know I won't always get a white bag, but due to my brother getting so damn many, it just made me a little salty.

    Also, I didn't want to post this on the forums, but I wanted to open a discussion about other peoples' rng etc.

    edit: made post easier to look at :)

  • Shouldnt this be in whine cellar since you are angry

  • @Replica

    Not angry, salty. If I was angry, my post would be a LOT different.

    I was going to post it into the whine cellar, but I wanted to open a discussion. As I said in the "EDIT" at the bottom of the main thread, move it to whine cellar if needed.

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    The cancer is flowing through me much more than ever

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    A good rogue knows his cloak like he knows himself.

  • @Pyroflame
    I did not cloak. That was the problem. I was also tapping my rotate key, so when I got confused, I changed direction instantly into o2. Good fun, wasn't mad. He died 6/8 with some fame, mission complete.

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    @Anya More like.. Mission failed,
    We'll get 'em next toim.

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    @Pyroflame 10/10 good meme have to Hand it to ya

  • This post is deleted!

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    @Anya I've been actively playing this game for 3 months. I have gotten three whites. Csword, gship sword, and cap seal.

  • @Pyrouge

    Wow... I feel for you man, that suuucks. FeelsBadMan.

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    Well I went to a hermit god and got a white.
    It was not a Jugg
    It was a freakin' Shrimp shooter

  • @ColdBlade

    That's like going without a white for a month then getting a Csword or an EP... lmao.

  • @Anya Yess! Make a wizard. I got OGMUR, STAFF OF INSANITY, AND STAFF OF GREAT CLIMBING, all with a level 10 wizard, unpotted. 0/8, ppe, t1 spell, t5 staff . Wizard just spell bomb and profit! good luck!

  • @TehNoobSZ

    Necro life.

  • @Anya yea, you should stick with necro. He is the safest class for getting SB damage. Just type /mscale 0.5, go in fullscreen (if your target is VERY far away) and use your skull. Skull hits enemies instantly + 100% guarantees a hit, giving you a chance of getting SB.
    Assassin and Huntress need to wait 1.5 seconds for their ability to hit, their target can run away from detonation zone during that time. Wizard has big disadvantage while in big group, because if you spellbomb while /mscale 0.5 'd and/or in fullscreen, the spell shots just lag through enemies without dealing any damage (unless you have Unholy Spell, which makes you a necromancer) due to multiple damage registers from player shots. But in another case, if you're a wizard, but in a small group, you just need to point your cursor under your bosses penis for a perfect spellbomb (usually).
    When you reach atleast 4/8, you should not be scared to shoot bosses on your own, however.
    Random Number Generator is very random, eh?

  • "Increased drop rates"

    Once did 8 tombs all 0.
    Does about 10 ots a day 0 of them give mana
    Does a whole day of dungeons and gets nothing
    Does 5 oryxs and all give 0

    RNG y u do dis.

  • got around 5-6 whites in 2 days, and also got a really good item, 10k worth.


  • Lovecraft

    @Foul sweeet bro

  • @Anya got 5 whites 1 day <3 ure just unlucky sorry hope u get better luck soon

  • well, I have done 260udls total on prod and still no dbow soo.... :/


    u should put this in whine celler

  • pls. ive gotten 2 whites and have been playing for more than a month. and guess what??? in that one day i get the 2 whites they do a refresh..... and i lose my whites. so u got nothin to complain about. ( i dont get whites probably cause i lag like crazy and im bad :p)

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