Black screen solution.. if your fast.

  • We all know that hideous black screen of disconnecting. If you black screen you can /Nexus, /vault etc. Before you disconnect and you stay in the server. If you can type fast enough. Hope this helps unless you slow.

  • you still have like 20(?) secs until u dc
    plus this only works if u nexus/vault/realm
    not entering dungeons

  • Donor

    i already did this, i thought people already did this...

  • Same lol just to nubs who r dum

  • Detective

    How does 'being noob' affect this?
    If you didn't know, you didn't know - that doesn't mean that you are a noob.
    Learn some 1337 language.

  • No shit sherlock.

  • Not quite sure but I think the black screen is resolved. I haven't got one all day. Also even though ./nexus etc are commands so you don't dc, their is still no way back to the dungeon.

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