How to do shats?

  • I'm not sure if this is where I should put this, but if it's the wrong place i'll gladly move it. Ok, I don't understand shatters. I see all these youtubers like Techmech do shatters like it's nothing, and I even watched GHZD's video, but it hasn't helped much. I don't understand how people kill these blues so fast, and how they just don't care when stone mages stack bullets and paralyze them. If anyone would be kind a enough to help me, I can host shats for them.

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    It's the correct section. Were you talking about Prod or NR though?

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    @Wizardism probably both

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    @Lugia Okay, good. I can teach you how to shats properly if we get a little group together (preferrably with others who don't know how to shats properly.)

    Oh, and I'll need your IGN if it's different from on the forums.

  • @Wizardism It's the same as on the forums, I'll try to get a few guildies.

  • @Lugia Could I perhaps join? I'd like to know how to do shatts as well. I can supply some keys

  • lugia if you really want to learn how to do shatters get a few elite players who are willing to teach you
    such as (wizardism(bae) me(bae#2) or hell even one of the admins if they on or willing just try to find someone willing to teach you :P)

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    Throwback to the only time i did shatts was with vexior we just ran thru the whole shit lmao

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    well in nillys:

    1. no pets
    2. only 2 shatters layouts before 1st boss (one is good other one has 2 minions near switch so it gets undoably dragged most of the time)
    3. players are less experienced in here (at least by 1% and rushing middle often) also most of videos are clean guild shatters.

    dont go middle. stay to one side. dont bother killing switches (if not experienced) just try to survive near bridge wall. 90% of time you end up nexusing because everything gets activated and dragged.
    boss fight. stay with everyone. blobs may randomly kill you.

    before 2nd boss. again dont go middle stay behind everyone observe where they go and what enemies are where.
    boss fight. dodge/dont stand near entrance because ice orb likes to fly from boss and instapop there. umm yeah. mostly try to dodge everything and it should be easy.

    3rd boss is easy after some practice where to stand and how to move.

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    @Lugia said in How to do shats?:

    I don't understand how people kill these blues so fast, and how they just don't care when stone mages stack bullets and paralyze them.

    Because people are maxed and most good groups have boosts.

    You can learn a lot by just staying back (or rather, not going out of line) and watching the more experienced. Most of my more subtle experiences come from mistakes though; definitely don't expect to be able to do what other people do just by watching them.

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    Use tricksters, knights and warriors, and try not to bring chars that have a lot of value.


    @Pyroflame Disagree here. Bring Mystic, Paladin, or Trickster - Mystic can save a lot more people on the village, which in pubs always degrades into a rush, and more people = safer shats. Pally can heal which is nice i guess (full disclosure pally is my favorite melee class regardless), and Trix is just gud :3

    Agree on the last part though, definitely don't bring your main char

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    @idkwhatthi Bring 16 stacked wizzys and just run.

  • mystic is honestly the best support class for shatters as if it gets messy a mystic can stasis an entire horde of mages so that the group can hightail it past and get out of range of them


    @ergona2.0 yep. mystic is the only class i'll enter public shats in.

  • @Lugia Okay, so the way I learned to do shatters? It was to stick to the walls, and the group. Don't be a hero, be a team player. So a good guide would not be GHZD, or TechMech , as they have OP pets, and good guildies. Instead, watch a guide more based on noobs. Look at Carter's guide,

    This is how I do perfect shatters. Good luck!
    -Edit 2-
    Now, just listen to his tutorial except his, "do not the don't stasis things"
    Also- Don't attempt this with your guildies, unless they are good.

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