What is mscale?

  • So been seing ingame people writing like "/mscale 1.1" got not idea what it is. Anyone care to explain?

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    That is how small/large you want to see your map as. The smaller, the smaller the map gets (minimum is 0.5, default is 1) and the larger it is from one, the bigger the map gets.

  • @Creeper ok thx. Is there a command liked that in prod too? Because my screen is super zoomed

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    @Lotus No, prod does not have this feature. Only nilly's realm does. If your char is super zoomed in, do /mscale 1 or lower (like 0.8)

  • mscale stands for mapscale. scales from 5 to 0.5 (5 being the most zoomed in ofc)

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