Sorcerer set idea

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    The Wand of Ill Gain
    Damage : 5-10 damage.
    Range : 9
    Shots : 4 (In a cross pattern. Similar to EP
    Rate of fire : 300%
    Ignores the defense of the target.
    Fame Bonus : 4%
    Set Bonus : Once the whole set is complete 10% of damage dealt (at least 1 per enemy hit) is converted to mana.

    Scepter of the Blighted Cross
    Damage : 500 - 700 to 8 targets. (Please note that this is not a chain lightning. Rather 8 different bolts going to separate targets.
    Range: 6
    MP cost : 250
    Fame Bonus : 5%
    Bonuses : +3 wisdom
    +3 speed
    +2 defense
    +3 vitality
    Set Bonus : Once the whole st is complete 20% of damage dealt by scepter is converted to HP.

    Robe of Penetrated Core
    +10 defense
    +2 vitality
    +2 Wisdom
    +20 mana
    +2 speed
    Fame bonus : 5%
    Set Bonus : All stat bonuses for the robe are now doubled. Except speed, which is tripled.

    The Heart Brooch
    Each time you take damage, you regenerate 1 mana point.
    +80 HP
    +2 Speed
    Set Bonus : Each time you take damage you now regenerate 10% of the damage take +3. Healing on you and people around you is now amplified by 1.2 times.

    This was just a rough idea but I really liked it. Of course some numbers need to be changed but it is supposed to a set that sorcerers can use to rush dungeons. I am not sure what it will drop from but it is only useful when you have acquired the entire set. Please tell me your thoughts on it.

  • cool ;D I LIKE IT

  • RototoLyfe

    @astranite no offense, but everything is undecent (sprite wise)

    im a critic at sprites, so bear with me.

    The wand looks like a telescope, but fatter and much more plain

    The scepter looks kinda like a sideway eye which ruins it's scepter feel

    the robe looks too thick, but a bit unique (only because of the thickness)
    which makes it look nasty

    and the ring looks like a tome. not a brooch.

    in all of your sprites, there is almost NO shading. which is kinda sad. Work on it :/

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Its even codeable what you're propposing?(the set bonus is but the unique things in the set are kinda uncodeable).

    The sprite are bad as some of them have non existant shading and the robe is recolor.

    Stats are bad as well, as some of them are weak. But the weapon kinda resembles my idea but whatever.

    Anyways it seems you're kinda new on this so its understandable(i used to suck on spriting/balancing too).

  • um where does it drop and description?

  • Donor

    please make the sprites better

  • Sex Guns

    The scepter is a thing that does a fuckton of damage for a lot of mana.
    That is """""unique""""" and """interesting""", not really though, because this type of scepter has been suggested 100 times. Plus OP.
    The wand is pretty much useless.
    The robe is eh.
    The ring is eh.
    The set bonuses make the set OP as shit.
    The sprites are terrible, the wand is a fucking log, the scepter isn't a scepter, I don't even know what the ring is. Not to mention that the shading is shit on all most of them.

  • Lovecraft

    wand- looks too short and fat. idea tho is kinda nice. ep based wand would work wonders with prot.
    sceptre- op and does not look like sceptre.
    robe- recoloured t10+ and meh rarely usable with those stats (esben robe is 10 def too)
    ring (thats a 10/10 tome not ring) - <-------------------

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