Bear Trap

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    Name: "Bear Trap"
    Desc: Bear Trap it may be named, but a powerful trap capable of "biting" off a dragon's leg. Just gently touching the spikes cuts you.
    Tier: Untiered (UT)
    MP Cost: 145
    Radius: 3.0
    Damage: 950-1150
    Lifetime: 10 Seconds
    Effect: Bleeding for 4.5
    Stat Bonus: None
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Feed Power: 0 (Duh)
    Particle Color: #ffffff (Like, the purple circle's color.)

    Drops From:

    0_1472962028499_Pentaract Tower.png
    At a Rate of:

    0.005 (5/1000)



    Sprite (8X8):

    Why is this Balanced?
    Although this trap does insane damage, It has a low life time, high mp cost, smaller than usual radius, and a very low drop rate.

    Why is this Unique?
    I think this is unique because it has a very different "style" than other traps. Instead of doing decent damage, but have a very useful debuff, it has high damage and no useful debuffs.

  • Interesting idea...
    However I don't like it very much, its basically a wizard spell/poison for huntress.

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    I suggest adding slow for 4 seconds, as it traps the leg of someone, and maybe bleeding for 3 secs? Who knows.

    I'll try to give you a sprite

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    Wait for it...

    Pbbbffftt! Haahahahahahha OH SHIT GOTEEEM

    Damn, now I'm hungry for oreos.

    Jokes aside, I'll look into trying to make you one.

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    isnt that a name of an item in Path of exile

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    Well, I tried and 'failed.'

    Heres my end result. Hope you like it.
    Sprite: 0_1472975147561_Bear Trap.png
    8x8: 0_1472975150475_Bear Trap 8x8.png
    Not really happy with mine either. Doesn't really look like a trap, but neither do original traps look like traps.
    The perspective is like. south up looking down north towards the middle. ;)

    SIDE NOTE: It's really hard to sprite a 8x8 bear trap. kek. Also this reminds me of the creed ring.

  • @Pringle lol v:

  • This idea was stuck in my head for a while, but i gave up, because it's hard to sprite it. I saw something spiky in rotmg draw, but i can't take sprites without permission.
    However, i thought of stats and here they are:

    MP Cost: 120
    Radius: 0.2
    Damage: 950-1050
    Lifetime: 20 seconds
    Effect: Stunned for 3 seconds
    Paralyzed for 4 seconds
    Stat Bonus: +3 ATT, +2 DEF
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Special: This trap is not throwable. It spawns only on the user.
    Drops From:
    Stone Mage

    Drop Rate: 0.05% (0.0005)
    (i wanted Stone Mage to drop it because he spawns spikes, which act like traps, so i thought it would fit it)

    Though this trap has huge damage and knocks out your enemies, the trap is too heavy for the user to throw. It also chomps off only one enemy at a time, which means it is useful against big enemies or bosses. Unless your enemy constantly chases you, it is hard to use that trap. But this is where 20 sec lifetime comes in handy; you can place the trap around your enemy and damage the hell out of it!

  • @Roosti
    Bear trap should give slow for 3 seconds.. think about it.. if a bear gets snatched by it.. it walks slower cause its injured lol

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    Sorry for the late response! Was on a vacation forced by my mom and I nearly drowned in the water park, all's good though!

    Anyways, that's a nice sprite Pringle! Better than mine, but I decided not to put it on the post because I'm waiting for the "true" one.
    I feel like it should have a debuff, but that might be too op. I'll keep adding it and then balancing it in mind.

    Please provide more feedback! Criticize!

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    @Roosti We don't need a 2nd oreo dropping from the same boss ;)

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    @Potman oh shit roasted


    Damage too low to justify using. Would have to be upward of 1-2k to reasonably compete with t0/coral, because if you want a pure-dps ability, you play wizard... and a spellbomb does much more damage than this trap, just as uh staff wizzy out dps's huntress in general.

  • 27

    Why is it called a bear trap, but mentions nothing of bears in the description and talks about dragons instead? Other than that tho its pretty gud

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    @LagoonZz I was aiming for like a nickname. Should I put the name in quotes?

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    @idkwhatthi Huntresses are actually very different from a wizzy. Wizzys are as you know, a "glass cannon". The huntress has less dps but is a stronger than a wizzy when it comes to defense and survival. It also utilizes effects to make boss fights easier. Imagine this as a dblade ability for the huntress. Instead of effects and a main, it is for swapping for dps and boss fights.

  • I think you could've improved this by many ways....


    @Roosti stronger than wizzy in defense and survival... by 4 DEF and 30 HP (assuming you rich af and have leviathan) , or only 1 if using csilk

    yeah nah ill take 2-3k per 85 mana over 750-850 per 145

    also wizzy has ~3 tiles more true range against any bow not named 'doom bow', and much more dps than bows named 'doom bow'

    oh and did i mention wizzy can self heal

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    @idkwhatthi 2-3k per 85 mana... IF you hit the spellbomb correctly, and it's only ONE target.

    This trap can hit up to an infinite amount of targets, ultimately getting more dps.


    @Roosti um... you would have to hit 6 targets within a rad of 3.0 to match spellbomb's dps... i wonder which is harder?

    furthermore, UH spell:
    -also hits multiple targets
    -does far more damage than your proposed trap
    -costs less mana

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    @idkwhatthi the uh spell, not the traditional spells itself. -.- You want me to make the trap as powerful as the uh spell or what?


    @Roosti When an item is completely overshadowed by another, it is utterly pointless.

    Any huntress using this trap is basically a worse wizard in every single way.

    Even Tablet of the King's Avatar has better damage per mana...

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    so buff it?


    @Roosti Needs a very major buff. At least double the damage.

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    @idkwhatthi How does it look?

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