Mystic Time

  • So i started a mystic and i got a ton of account fame, but i don't know what the best set is for mystic! Any tips or opinions are greatly appreciated. Also take into account of swap-outs.

  • Lovecraft

    Staff:Uh church staff(dealing)+Noble staff(for speed)
    Orb:conflict amd planefetter :)
    Robe:heaven monk(speed, def, and many good stats for mystic)+hellfire robe if you are afforded to buy
    Ring:i suggest a ring with various stats. Like gyges, skull, creed....etc
    You need hp,mp,def, (spd or wis choose one) for mystic.

  • @Azatoth wow. Thats hella of fame. Those who can buy that owns some
    Rich Man Swag

  • ty i'm going with
    uh staff-climbing


    @Kookies You definitely want to carry an Orb of Conflict. That speedy is more useful than it seems on paper, and being able to double buff yourself solo is a pretty nice perk. :)

  • a set i used on mystic that surprized me back before the wipe was uh staff /climbing heavenly/conflict esben/hellfire and esben/pizza ring

    that got me 8k fame when it died and surprisingly did a really good job

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