Four-Leaf Seal

  • Can anyone tell me how much the four-leaf seal is worth! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • Detective

    /tell YouDidGood price Four-leaf Seal

  • 27

    Yeah you can use /tell youdidgood price ............ to find the price of any item in the marketplace, as long as one has already been listed.
    If theres not one on the market, you'll have to either ask around or just make a good guess and hope you havent put it for 1/10th of the price it usually sells at (just like when I got my first white, an ent log, I traded it for an acclaim and colo, because i was assured it would be a 'good deal' :'( Im still crying inside to this day)


    @LagoonZz lol youdidgood died a few weeks ago rip

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