An introduction

  • Hello all. I am Astranite. I am new to Nilly's realm and I thought I should introduce myself.
    So a bit of background about me. I used to play on prod for awhile until I got permanently banned for being in the infamous guild called JewElimination. And no, I do not support the elimination of jews. So there I was, banned and wanting to play more realm. So then I stumbled across Nilly's realm. That was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Nilly's realm has done things right where prod did wrong. After playing for a while I am now thankful for Deca for banning me, because if I didn't get banned I would never have found NR. I mean, Flying brains are actually a threat!
    Everyone is so nice to me and they don't tell me to kms. Except that one time I hosted a Jeebs' but that was only like two people that told me that and there is no point on judging a community on two people.
    So my goal is to just be everyone's bro.
    Also I thought I'd show my favorite things of this Pserver and the things I don't like that much.

    • The music. Sprite world one especially. Also the MEGAMAAAAAN music.
    • No pets. No need to waste money.
    • Everything costs fame! When I found this out I was on the verge of marrying the server.
    • The Shatters in the server. Just fun to stay at spawn and watch as, without fail, that people do not make it the bridge.
    • The maze. It's just so fun. Not the music for it unfortunately.
    • The arena. I did it when I had just hit lvl 20 for the first time on the server. And then I realised that I was having the most fun I'd had in a long long time.
    • Reduced soulbound thing. I just really liked this. You get more rewarded and you don't just lose all that time killing a BBEG.
    • The mods. They're just chill guys.
    • Endlessly doing events. Very fun.
    • The lag. I don't mind it too much. At least until my first 7/8 took a face full of Septavius's shotgun. But now I honestly didn't mind too much. It is really easy to rebuild and that's what I like about this.
    • IWBTB Seriously, why did you make me play this game. I hate that Hello Kitty boss.
    • hmmmmmm, I can't think of anything rn, I'll think of more.

    In conclusion: Give me free items please. :3

  • Wiki Editor

    There's only pros, no cons... erm....

    Well... still... welcome to Nilly's Realm, where it is filled with cancer, memes, good/bad people, and a whole hell-load of things to see. Enjoy your stay! :D

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Creeper Heh, I've been living it for two years now. You've never seen cancer until you play nilly's

  • Wiki Editor

    @ColdBlade Oh, I've been there too, no worries ;p

  • Whalecum!

    I do believe that most people that's playing NR now is because they're bored of prod (it's repetitive as fuck) or banned on it.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    Welcome to NR !.

    "The biggest collection of villanry and scum"

  • @astranite Hey friend ! Remember me from that tomb? I hope u didnt... :3
    Welcome to Nilly's realm where its filled to the brim with memes and cancer

  • @AstralLink I do remember you from that tomb.
    I like communities that are filled with cancer and memes. I will become apart of the cancer soon enough.

  • @Creeper The only cons was one unfixable thing, that's ignorable at the best of times. And the other one was me getting angry at Nilly for making me play I wanna be the boshy. Seriously, fuck that game

  • Welcome to NR and im glad you enjoy it as much as I do ;)


    You can waste money only for rank lel

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