Kings Blade

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    Name: Kings Blade
    Description: This blade was given to the first cyclops king. Passed on through generations to come.(Some thanks to me)
    Shots: 3 (arc gap : 25)
    Damage: 100-175
    Projectile Speed: 75
    Lifetime: 300
    Range: 2.25
    Amplitude: 0
    Frequency: 1
    Stat Bonuses: +5 def on wearer
    Fame Bonus: 3%
    Notes: This item will drop from Cyclops gods at a rate of 1/1300 in a white bag.
    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    This item is unique in the way that its the first drop from the Cyclops God. It is also the only weapon that fires 3 shots. The way this weapon is balanced is its range. Yes its a 2.25 range. However, the true range is only 1.07, so you have to be very up-close and personal to get good use out of it. If you can land all 3 shots, it will outclass all other multi-shot swords (dblade, pixie, ect.) in dps.

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    taht blade is thicc.

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    sadist outclasses it
    play the god damn game before making ideas kthnx.

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    We already have Sadist Blade(see the wiki for further info) to do the croud control job.

    Sprite is... horrible(needs decent shadding).

    As turtlebat said: Sadist outclasses it everyday.
    (read my sign to improve)

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