Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.XII ⌠Flaming Frostbite⌡

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    Chapter XII: Flaming Frostbite

    Characters: Ergona, Alice, Pringle, Moloch, Varanus
    First person perspective: Pringle

    When our eyes opened, the time hadn't changed. The same orange sky loomed over us, and the clouds haven't shifted away. With our energy regained, we decided to just leave. What people rarely talk about when venturing in the mountains is the cross section from the tundra and the mountains. Suprisingly deadly, perhaps nobody lived to tell the tale of its crossing? At first we didn't feel the coldness, and we thought we had a long way to go. Swiftly a stray cast of wind hit us from its direction, sending chills down our spine. The rock began to frost, and we could tell the temperature was dropping.

    At first we didn't notice it until the rain became ice. It was stuck in place in the sky, casting a mystical shadow over the realm. It didn't seem like it was a problem, but very soon it made everything nearly pitch black. We couldn't finish crossing the mountains thanks to the blinding frozen sea above our heads. Our only light at first was my prism, which gave off a faint light. A glowing mass off in the distance showed very flat land, with seemingly hundreds of smaller ones circling it. Moloch said it might be his Brother's village lighting a fire, and I thought that was understandable seeing how cold it was. Very small cracks in the frozen sky let out orange beams of light on the ground to help guide us.

    Once we left our last mountain, we could see the village much closer. I thought they where doing some kind of tribal dance due to the random movements they were making. It was the only light we had for a mile, so we started walking closer to the village in hopes of finding our guy. The closer we got, the more we noticed something was wrong. The villages buildings were in flame, and dozens laid dead on the frozen ground. Moloch quickly panicked and attempted to lift his sword at a limp. We helped him to the center, were we froze in fear.

    Our souls had warmed intensely, yet our hearts were frozen. Menacingly floating in the sky, the mass of fire looked down at us and gave off a grim smile. Flashes of burning light zoomed towards us. Hiding behind Moloch, he absorbed the blows with his sheild. He quickly droped it, as it began to glow red due to being heat up so fast. Bone shards scattered from where the flame balls hit him, and Alice trapped one to show that they were skulls set on fire. The skull laughed out at our efforts, and launched its minions into the roof of ice and frozen time. A crack in time was created, and the shards of it fell rapidly. Ergona quickly ordered us by his side, and a brief moment of light cast on us, followed quickly by a growing shadow.

    A blast of magical aura was sent off, and the glacier crumbled upon us. A moment from death itself, I could see the flaming skull past the ice yet nobody else. It asked me if I was ready to part ways with this world, and I didn't have the power to deny. Faintly, I could hear Ergona barking orders for Alice and Moloch. I couldn't tell if they where crying, or the ice laying on my head was dulling out his voice. After a moments wait, I came back to my senses and promptly gave the skull shrine my center finger. Raising my arm out of the ice mass, Moloch grabbed my arm and pulled me out from the pile.

    Alice stoped the recent summon of skulls with a trap, and Ergona healed Moloch enough to slay them in a single blow. Despite our attempts to out number the flaming skull, he summoned more in our way. Alice lobbed another trap, but Ergona didn't have enough mana to heal him or us. The little life left in the floating skulls began to glow brightly, and left its host to us in an instant radius around the Skull Shrine. Up on a burning building, we could see the figure of Varanus, the necromancer of the north. The only one who could take life where there is none, he shouted out to the skull to gain it's attention. And attention did he gain, as within seconds focus turned to him with all of the skulls army. Ergona shouted to strike now, and the Skull Shrine noticed moments too late. Alice traped his army and Ergona launched Moloch high above the giant skull. It looked up in it's last moments before having its forehead stabbed by Moloch's bastard sword.

    The flames halted and the skull failed to stay high. Jumping off, Moloch admittedly looked pretty badass walking away from the Skull Shrine as it crashed into the ground. Varanus jumped down with a sly yet comforting smile on his face. Moloch and Varanus shaked hands, but his facial expression changed for a second when he noticed his handshake was limp. He understood perfectly and asked us to stand back. He cast his skull on us and drained our energy within seconds. We could no longer stand except for Ergona, and as a counter he used his seal. Once Varanus realized Ergona was a paladin, his eyes shifted for a second and began to plead for assistance.

    Once he mentioned it, we turned our heads to behind where Skull Shrine once floated, and there sat a very grim dark manor. He picked up a fragment of the Skull Shrine's skull that still burned, and handed it to Alice. Alice, being silly, droped it quickly thinking his hand would catch on fire. After it wouldn't even melt snow, Ergona picked it up and shoved it back into Alices hands, and told him to not drop it again. Varanus said that the dark frozen sky may be gone from above the village, but everywhere else in the realm was still pitch darkness. Varanus promised that if we can convert the fragment to a full skull with the manor's altar, then he'll use it to uncover our next destination. Without hesitation, we agreed to go on our next dungeon.

    Want to join the adventure? Stay tuned for more stories! Who knows, you just might find us!

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    @Clay-Burton It's the Prism Problems story I've been doing. Click on the Story Time tag and view it from Chapter I if you wish to see it all.

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