Incentive for maxed chars(loot system)

  • Horrible title imo but i think the loot system needs to be overhauled. It doesn't feel rewarding to max characters with the current loot system. So i propose a system where the more damage you do the higher your percent increase to get a drop. you will still be able to get drops if you do one damage .

    So it is simple every 5% damage you do to a certain monster you get a +1 added to the NUMERATOR of the given droprate of an item.

    Note: you only get the +1 after you hit every 10% threshold

    let's say the droprate of the uh wand is 1/1000(i think) Bedlam had 80k hp and 200 defense
    if you do 1 damage -normal droprate: 1/1000(.1%)
    if you do 5% damage(4000hp) you get +1 ,so your new droprate is 2/1000(.2%)
    if you do 10% damage(8000hp) you get +2 ,so your new droprate 3/1000(.3%)
    if you do 15% damage(12000hp) you get +3,so your new droprate 4/1000(.4%)
    if you do 20%(16000hp)damage you get +4,so your new droprate 5/1000(.5%)
    this where is would cap

    Also for this to really work I think loot chest should be removed completely as melee's would dominate those.
    I think it's a good system because it wouldnt effect the general drop system but give an incentive to people with maxed caracters

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    delet this

  • @awlwong23 lel is it really that bad of an idea xD

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    yes someone i think made this already

  • @awlwong23 ah didnt know

  • @ImJay
    It's not a bad idea. alwong is irrelevant.. You can ignore him Anyway... The problem with 95% of the ideas that are coming is that there is :
    1.) No-one to code them
    2.) Most devs are on holiday or away

  • @ImJay dont listen to awlwong he is fucking cancer also yeah an idea like this has been suggested but it got denied because im pretty sure they were suggesting it be like double what you are suggesting x.x

  • @Nightslayer alright i figured he was a troll and i didn't feel like arguing so i responded like that @ergona2.0 and well if that's the case iguess there is no hope for this one lel


    I think loot system named:Loot for everyone is be better xddd

  • Ahhh, i've suggested something similar to this before :3
    Your idea is cool!

  • @Vasya you gave the exact reasons why a loot system like this is needed

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    But if this gets added, everyone in glands will have 1 pot per 2 gods and in solo dungeons people will most likely have a white more frequently.

  • @Night-Owl isorry for this bump got back late but no its wouldnt not the current drop rate is .07 which is 7/100 so if you solo a god it would you would get a 7+4/100 wich would only increase you chances to .11 which is not that drastic and this would not really affect the whites as the better whites in the game are from bosses tat are harder to solo. getting 20% on a boss by yourself would still be very hard take the cbow for example the regular droprate is 1/200 but if you get 20% on thessall(which is unlikely unless in a small group or solo) then your chances would be increased to 5/200(1/40)=.025 which is higher than the .005 basically this would make it better to have more dps rather than the very flawed you get 1 hit you get random loot system


    rip every class that isn't wizard, warrior, or knight

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    @ImJay The soulbound damage is so low that even a lv 1 wizard with t0 staff can get white(Belive me, that's how i got my whites).

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    @ImJay Basically what would happen is cap sword uh helm warrior would take over. EVERYTHING. From farming pots to doing bella's, they would basically be the new meta because of the insane amount of damage.

  • @idkwhathi god forbid that the classes that's suppose to do alot a dps does what they are meant to do and believe me if you are 6/8 with any class and you get any type of buff you will be able to hit the threshholds to get the bonuses and @Night-Owl what does that have to do with anything? I'm starting to believe yo didn't read my original post let me explain it to you
    Nillys makes everything so that if you do 1 damage you have a chance of getting a dropped which is very flawed to people who max chars, this loot system provides that the more damage you do the better chances for loot it does not stray from the original loot system. If you do 1 damage you still get that chance to get a white but if you do more damage you get a better chance to get that white to drop . Understand? And ok so what you got a white with a lvl 1 wizard you got lucky ,this is not for the noobs running around with lvl 1 wizards. This is basically a incentive for people who max there characters. And im very sure that level 1 wizards will be able to get 5% damage much less 20% . Now when you actually have an argument plz post it because you look like you just trying to "diss" the idea before you tink about how it works

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    @ImJay Ah, wait I see it better now. @Night-owl This idea removes the soulbound threshold and replaces it with a DPS-based system that increases the chance of you getting loot.


    @ImJay god forbid this game turns into prod where literally no one plays any support classes ever, do cancerous things like self-buffing, and try to kill people so they get more loot!

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    @ImJay My b my b, though i was replying to another post(the realms per star color one).

    Well, so basically you wanna buff the loot drop rate? Low whites like EP, Plane, Bulwark and those would be so common af that their value on market would be as same as a speed pot. Also its possible to get 2 dex on sprite or 2 wis on septavious, now lets stop for a second and go back to the boss soloing scenario, okay:
    I solo a sprite world, and i do 100% damage to the boss(5x20% drop rate buff), i may get 2 dex and a def pot and perphaps, even an EP or Plane on the same bag(even if it unlikely to happen, it still possible).
    Also i don't think thats possible to code, its like buffing the drop rates(making them less) and nerf the SB dmg(making it high af).

  • @Pyrouge anddddd your argument is flawed
    !st of all there are not many cap swords in the game for the peeps with the cap sword+uh helm comb gg then
    2nd of all this loot system is intended for that to happen in a sense for the people that max and have better equips get more drops
    And this will not replace the soulbound threshold . It combines with it nilly's draw players because it is way faster to max(because souldbound thresholds)removing that removes the attraction nillys draws so you can still do 1 damage and get soulbound but if you hit the damage thresholds that i suggested you get a better chance at these drops and that is why i also proposed the removal of test chess because even though warriors have insane dps they still have to put therir char at risj so they can get that dps


    @ImJay 'warriors put their chars at risk'

    lol... maybe if that warrior wasn't using a helm

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    With this loot system, everyone would be playing a wizard (no matter what equipments) and that's all there will be.

    Remember one thing: there's always a wizard, sorcerer, necromancer that's ranged, very easy to get some DPS in, and there would be completely no incentive of a low ranged class.

  • @idkwhathi so if noone plays necro or priest who's gonna heal? You forget pets are absent in nillys so some1 got to heal. people do not play support thinking illl be support they play support because they can heal themselves anytime they want to. Pets made prod what it is because the support classes lost their niche when pets was introduced. People won't stop playing support classes and you can only hold so many hp pots and self buffing really? that only happens at test chest which i proposed the removal of in the first place and after that it wouldn't be beneficial for warriors to self buff anywhere else.


    @ImJay cough uh spell cough

    edit: also paladins

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