Vault screenshot stitcher! (made for flash projector)

  • Hello! I made an AHK script that stitches together a large picture of your vault chests, if you're using Flash Projector.
    Keep in mind that this script was made in less than a day and I've barely bugtested it. Criticism, constructive or not, is very welcome.

    Version 6.


    The script on Pastebin
    Gdi+ standard library, or an alternate version, or its forum post

    You need AutoHotkey and the Gdi+ standard library for this to function. It's possible to compile a script into an .exe that works on computers without gdip or ahk, but I will not do that until the script is relatively flawless. ever. :'(


    Install AutoHotkey if you haven't done so already. Save the script as an .ahk file. Save the gdi+ libraries in the same directory as the script. Make sure the gdi+ libraries file is named Gdip. If it isn't named Gdip, then the script can't find it. (That means if you got Gdip_All.ahk, rename it.)

    If the script and gdi+ libraries don't have an icon with a capital H on them, then you either don't have AutoHotkey installed, you didn't save them properly or you picked some advanced options when installing AutoHotkey.


    Refer to the Help button. Here it is, copy-pasted from the code:

    Make sure your game window is 800x600.
    That's a small resolution. Chances are
    that if the game isn't fullscreen
    or stretched, then it's 800x600.
    Start at the top left vault chest. To capture
    a picture of the chest, press the letter p.
    Repeat with all the chests in the vault.
    Don't forget the gift chests!
    There's a cool display that shows which
    chests you have captured and which one
    should be next.
    Once you've captured 40 times (the
    amount of chests in the vault), a save
    prompt will appear. If a save prompt
    doesn't appear, then something's fucked
    and you should complain to Warp.


    alt text
    alt text


    • The checkboxes on the "helpful window" have annoying areas that overlap other checkboxes.
    • Takes a screenshot of the wrong area on an OS that isn't Windows 8/8.1 (doesn't have window borders exactly 8 pixels thick).


    • Make it usable with the browser version (quite easy, but I'll do it later) Make a browser version usable with this script
    • Allow the player to specify where the items on the floor are by dragging a selection
    • Use an alternative method to make the checkboxes not look like ass
    • Change the game's resolution to 800x600 when first used Tell the user the resolution of the active window so they can see if it's close to 800x600

    Virus scans


    Jotti version 6
    VirusTotal version 6

    Reminder: this only works with flash projector!
    If it's not working and you're using flash projector and it's not fullscreen, then don't be shy, make a forum account and tell me your issue!


    Version 6 There's now an option to put the image in the clipboard. The script no longer prevents from pressing p in the saving screen.
    Version 5 The window is now always on top. The effects of the annoying areas on the checkboxes have been lessened. You can now see the script's version on the window. Hotkey changed to the letter p. (subject to change)
    Version 4 Allowed saving in all the formats that gdip supports. If you get error #3, try saving in another format, such as .jpg, .gif or .bmp
    Version 3 Added an error message that appears if saving is unsuccessful
    Version 2 I don't remember
    Version 1 Created thread

  • Scepters

    Sweet! :D

  • Very awesome!

    One thing: You probably should include at least 2 virus scans for more trust and less suspiciousness (people being hacked may blame your app, for example)

  • Meme

    +1 from me. Also, afaik there already is something similiar for prod called muledump

  • @MrLolmen Ahhhh right, thanks for reminding me. I'll take that off the list of to-dos.
    @Vasya There's not much point in doing this because it's a text file that anyone can read and I'll have to make new virus scans for every new version, but I'll do it just to have a shiny, flashy "FREE OF VIRUSES" on the post.

  • @Warp said in Vault screenshot stitcher! (made for flash projector):

    @Vasya There's not much point in doing this because it's a text file that anyone can read and I'll have to make new virus scans for every new version, but I'll do it just to have a shiny, flashy "FREE OF VIRUSES" on the post.

    Yep, text files never have viruses. But paranoid people are too paranoid to think about it, so yea ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • @warp

    very cool

  • Meme

    @Warp how do I download the gdi+ library. Can't find any download button ;-;

  • Where do I recieve the picture?

  • @Warp

    Uhm.. so a slight problem with this.. I'm retarded so could you do a walkthrough on like.. getting the programs.. running the script and displaying how it works?

  • @MrLolmen Changed the gdi+ link to one with a dl link on it

    @Jahimees There should be a save prompt or a spooky error message when you're done. Get the new version and if the issue persists, complain again.

    @Nightslayer Added installation instructions.

  • @Warp
    xD i'll just wait until final version and you compress it to a .exe :P

  • @MrLolmen
    What does the program's icon look like?

    If the script or gdi+ libraries don't have an icon with a white H and a green background on them, then you either don't have AutoHotkey installed, you didn't save them properly or you picked some advanced options when installing AutoHotkey.
    If the program's icon is one of a regular text file, then you should've saved it as an .ahk file. (In fact, I should make the download link do just that, so more people can use the script.)

  • Meme

    This post is deleted!

  • @MrLolmen
    Is the gdip.ahk in the same directory as the script? i.e. if the script is on the desktop, then gdip.ahk should be on the desktop, too.
    I will make the script check for gdip.ahk and tell the user to do it right if it isn't there.

  • Meme

    @Warp ye they are 0_1474144738559_upload-a59e60a3-fb74-4a3f-9058-530334194c80

  • @MrLolmen
    rename library.ahk to gdip.ahk or wait for me to make the script recognize library.ahk as what it needs
    edit: also if you don't like ppl knowing your name remove/black out that image back there

  • Meme

    @Warp ah thx, also ye will do it xd

  • @Warp
    why dont you link the gdi file to this rather than the forum post?

    EDIT: How do i check if my projector is sized to 800 x 600 and where do the pictures go (2)

  • Meme

    @Warp i have the same problem as nightslayer (at least I think I have). After taking the screens I get the window where I can chose where to safe the picture but it doesn't get saved. (I use windows 7 btw)

  • @Nightslayer @mrlolmen I swear, the gdip function that saves images is THE devil :'''(
    Next version will pop up an error message if the file saves unsuccessfully. It will give me some more insight into this problem.

    @Nightslayer the game should start out in 800x600 resolution. one way to figure it out is to give it a whirl (once it works) and see if the picture looks like a vault.

    All of you, thanks for being lab rats and bug finders. You're the ones making this thing work!

  • @Warp
    Ye.. the picture dosent actually save when i press save o.o

  • Version 3 uploaded. Download the newest version, tap alt+t until it prompts you to save, and tell me the error code.

    The error codes:
    ; If the function succeeds, the return value is zero, otherwise:
    ; -1 = Extension supplied is not a supported file format
    ; -2 = Could not get a list of encoders on system
    ; -3 = Could not find matching encoder for specified file format
    ; -4 = Could not get WideChar name of output file
    ; -5 = Could not save file to disk

    Edit: I was unable to make the script pick the correct file to #include. To fix the problem, I've instructed users to make sure the gdi+ libraries are named Gdip.ahk.

  • Meme

    @Warp I got 3

  • @MrLolmen That's very weird, and a problem I can't find a reason or solution to. There's a failsafe in place that will add a .png to the filename if there isn't one, and there's no reason the computer would be unable to save as .png. Can microsoft paint save as .png?
    In other news, there will soon be more choices of file types, such as .jpg, static .gif, .tiff etc.

    edit: good night

  • Looks fine, pinned

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