Vault screenshot stitcher! (made for flash projector)

  • Lovecraft

    @Warp i've tried use it, but when the script open it show only one markable box and the screenshot file doesn't appear ;-;

  • ur vault is unorganized. other than that, pretty neat

  • Meme

    @Warp any saving bug fix in sight? I rly want to use dis ;-;

  • @MrLolmen You could try saving as a format that isn't .png. When saving, name the picture, for example, vault.jpg or vault.gif or vault.tiff etc. You can easily figure out which one works by opening the script, holding down the letter p to get to the saving prompt, and then saving it as I told before.
    If none of the formats work, then something's wrong, most likely on your end. I may have to experiment with putting the image in the clipboard so that it can be pasted into Paint or something.

  • Meme

    @Warp Where is the newest version of the script, if I press on the link I keep getting the older one with the alt+t thing.

  • @MrLolmen Oh crap, had I not uploaded the newest version? I thought I had. Try again.

  • Meme

    @Warp K thx, have the new version now. Still getting issue 3 though ;-; (I'll try to download the library again maybe this will work). Also, I liked the alt+t version better because you can't type p while the program is running (you're not able to safe as jpg, bmp, etc.)

  • @MrLolmen I changed the hotkey to p because the wasd keys and p are pretty much on the opposite sides of the keyboard, so it's more comfortable to use the script. However, I genuinely didn't expect that the hotkey would disrupt saving. I'll sort that out next version.

  • A Waste of Matter

    @Warp Is this a problem with my computer being on windows 10? or the fact my screen is retina?

  • @Prad Nice necrobump

  • A Waste of Matter

    @astranite Did I do bad?

  • 27

    @Prad No, you didn't, this is a pinned post and you have nothing to worry about.

  • @Prad Sorry for replying late!
    That happened because your game screen was fullscreen, i.e. larger than 800x600.
    Here's a demonstration:
    oh no! 961x768!961x768 sized window, in which the game is 945x709

    all right!816x659 sized window, in which the game is 800x600

    The reason people get vault screenshots of slightly suboptimal quality is because I am a lazy arse and assume all users are on Windows 8 with those thick window borders. I make these scripts for myself and pay little attention to making sure they work for others, too.

    The reason the game must be 800x600 or close enough, instead of the script being smart and looking for the right spot according to the resolution, is because
    a) upscaled and stretched adobe flash is fucking hideous
    b) the images would be unnecessarily large
    c) it's way, way easier to say something to the user than do something to make it easier for them

    This could all be fixed if I knew how large the window borders were for each user (and no I don't want a database of how large the borders are in the more recent windows versions)
    Edit 1. december 2016: AHK version 1.1.05 added the CoordMode Client command which ignores the window borders, this solves most of my problems.
    Edit: It doesn't apply to WinGetPos, fuck my life

  • A Waste of Matter

    @Warp I downloaded a program that set the size of my window and I tried all of the above, its still comming up that the screen is way too large?

    Edit: Yeah I just trialed and error-ed my way through:

    Turns out the right resolution was (Any Number) x 330

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