Necro... Whating?

  • Yeah, just a quick question (cause i'm a dumbass)
    What exactly is necrobumping because I here @Moloch
    Calling people out for it all the time (kinda what I just did)
    and I'm not really sure what it ment so can someone DEEPLY Explain
    what it is? (so I don't get into troubles) :3

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    @FutherTiem Necrobumping is posting on the thread in which last post was posted 7 or more days ago.
    Bumping is posting to make the thread to be on top.

  • @loudman42069 ok thanks for not being a complete d*ck... ( @shadyman )
    and being a kind enough person to answer a single question.

  • Meme

    @FutherTiem exceptions are pinned threads and the ones you made yourself

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    @FutherTiem You don't have to tag people if you're just mentioning them :/
    Only tag someone if you need to bring their attention to something, but neither moloch or shady needed to see this thread (let aloe the fact that shady has gone missing and moloch is not as active anymore)

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    Despite cased closed, I'll add on more to this.

    You can self bump 7 days or older posts if you're the original poster, like MrLolmen said.
    You can bump any and all relevent trade posts after 7 days.
    You can bump things in the downloads section after 7 days (I think).
    You can bump vouch posts too after 7 days.
    You can bump How To's (I think).
    You can bump guild topics after 7 days.

    On those two 'I think' ones, I'm not actually sure.

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