[ITEM GUIDE] How I make weapons.

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    ayy lmao 0_1474314534726_ITEM GUIDE.png

    This is going to be a super short guide on how I make items. This is mostly just going to be a siggy link, but feel free to comment tips and tricks below! I tried to make it short and easy to learn, unlike how Shadyman did his.

    • Everybody out there has their own takes and spins on how to create and balance an item. I noticed and looked at two people's guides and I noticed how they were very different than how I do things. They definately aren't wrong but nobody is a master at creating and balancing weapons. There are hundreds of methods of making your item ideas, and I'll show off mine.

    This is one of the many things I highly disagree with. Visuals of the weapon or item set the mood for the item and help boosts creativity and dedication to an item. Helps you imagine what the weapon would be like. However, you should consider asking yourself if Nilly's Realm needs as an item to fit a certain play style.

    0_1474313628645_To Start.png

    1) Ask yourself a question on what does Nilly's Realm need

    Q: Nilly's Realm needs a new sword (No it doesn't) that is good for rushing!

    A: I know! I'll make a sword that works like the Staff EP! It will be a rushing weapon! Nilly's Realm needs a sword that branches away from the idea of shooting it as much as possible, and instead getting in a single shot and running back or forward.

    2) Ask yourself if it would actually be useful.

    Q: Would Nilly's Realm benefit from having this weapon in any way?

    A: Sure! There are very few rushers because there isn't gear that helps people do it. I think my sword will help more people learn and exceed at rushing!

    3) Next work on the sprite OR the stats. You can really do either one you want! For this example, I'll work on the sprite first.

    • (1) Draw a very basic sprite that lacks most to all detail.

    • (2) Change the shape to look unique and interesting. This will help your item pop.

    • (3) Now add some color. Keep modifying the shape as you color it. Keep in mind what your item does when your designing it. For example, mine is supposed to be create a shockwave, so it'd be big and bulky.

    • (4) If it looks completely different, that's still OK. Don't look back at the previous design, work with what you've made. Any and all shading isn't final and neither is color or shape even. Keep doing step 3, but now add more color. Try to stay away from the color gray, black, or white.

    • (5) Keep changing the shape to how you want it to be and try to make it not look too bulky. Now you should shade it. To do this, simply a source of light is next to your item. Darken VERY VERY slightly the pixel farthest from the pixel directly touching/facing the source of light. Keep making each farther pixel darker and darker than the previous one.

    • (6) Once the sprite is how you want it to be, you should make a big and small version of it. The one you currently have, the 8x8 varient, is the small. In order to get a big version take the 8x8 and paste the image into a picture editing program. I use Paint .net for both spriting and resizing. Resize it to be bigger. DO NOT USE Microsoft Paint.

    • (7) [OPTIONAL] you should try to delete the background if you can. Now make an outline for your sprite by resizing your sprite to be slightly bigger and putting it behind your sprite. Try to not make it too thick or somebody will blow up. (cough Turtlebat cough) Once you finish outlining it, you can, if you want, make it smaller so it is easier to look at.

    • (8) Make sure to provide the 8x8 too! Please do not include the background for the 8x8.

    • (9) Now work on the stats! Remember, keep it balanced and unique! When making stats, commonly compare it to other equipment in Nilly's Realm to make sure you don't copy something elses stats. I'd advise to make it here: http://pfiffel.com/dps/

    • (10) When you make the stats, make sure your weapon isn't slightly good at what you want it to do, make it very good at it. Make sure you don't over do it though.

    • (11) [OPTIONAL] Make a DPS graph using http://pfiffel.com/dps/ by creating your weapon there and other Nilly's Realm weapons.

    • (12) [OPTIONAL] Before finalizing your weapon, get some opinions on it and also some constructive criticism from close friends.

    • (13) Now put your stats and sprites in a topic along with a name and description. Using a format is usually a good idea. Try to capitalize starting things like [ Range: 4.6 ]. I'm going to put my format down below.

    ((Sprite Here))
    Sprite Shots:
    ((Sprite Here))
    8x8 shots:
    Shot Size:
    Shot Rotation:
    Min. Damage:
    Max. Damage:
    Arc Gap:
    Wavy? []
    Parametric? []
    Rate of Fire: (%)
    Multihit? []
    Armor Piercing? []
    Ignores Obstacles? []
    Fame Bonus: %
    Drop Location & Chance: Monster's Name (Drop Percentage) [Drop Decimal Value]
    ((Optional Monster's Picture))
    Bag Type:
    How is it unique:
    How is it balanced:

    Fill in with a or in the boxes where it applies.

    0_1474326928050_LmaoINGS.png 0_1474326931739_LmaoINGS.png 0_1474326934097_LmaoINGS.png 0_1474326936497_LmaoINGS.png

    That's pretty much it!

    This isn't supposed to be a long guide, just postin this to show people how I do things. If you like it, great, if you don't then check out other peoples guides or ask around for help! Hope this helped somebody out there. I'm pretty much going to let this post die and remain as a siggy link. <3

    "please add in the fact that we don't need any more rings and direct upgrades and shit." -Pyrouge


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    Not a bad guide to have.

  • The link u use to create sprites leads to an actual paint company like as in painting houses/ buckets of paint.

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    @Cutie Pfft, thats cute. Idk why it became a link. I'll fix it.

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    @Pringle When you make an item guide, but then @Pringle makes a better one :C I cri everytiem

    But seriously though, great job! But please add in the fact that we don't need any more rings and direct upgrades and shit.

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    @Pyrouge oki doki<3

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    hey, that's actually pretty good.

    But the weapon's colors are to bland.

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    @Night-Owl Yeah, and its made out of clay and evaporates in oxygen.

    Oversights, am I right? I'm kidding. ;P Sorry it's bland.

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    @Fulmi I'm not sure. When I hit [TAB] It force-posts topics and posts causing me to sometimes accidently publish unfinished ideas/guides. The same happened to Ch5 of Prism Problems. I didn't see the comment by the time I deleted the topic. ;P

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    @Pringle Good guide.

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    This didn't help me with my sprites at all!

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