Most likely quitting.

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    Well. It came to this. Ive lost all intrest in NR after wipe. and the NR community in general. Plus with school taking up allot of my time and fucking up my mental state. I dont know if I really need to be here. Most of my friends quit the community now to me is just "Fru items plos y am i banned X((((((((("

    So basically in a nutshell I lost intrest and want to kill my self over school

    People I might miss
    @Pyroflame (Jojo is a cool show"
    @Vasya (Really appreciated the help ya gave me)
    @VaporwaveSociety (Good job Eric."
    @Noah-s-Ark-ʖ Miss ya my children


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    Oh noes

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    @ColdBlade Like anyone would give a shit anyway.

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    INB4 "Leave. nobody wants you here."

    Sucks to see you go again.

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    @Pringle Yeah. Im just no good here.
    Cant sprite well.
    cant stat well
    cant play well
    Most people on the last story didnt really like it.

    So there is no reason to stay

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    @Noah_ People don't stay because they can sprite or they can add stats to a weapon. I stay not because I play, but I choose to stay connected with the community. If it wasn't for the people here, I'd be gone in the wind. But I guess that's hard when you lose interest in it.

    But I understand school can be stressful especially with idiotic kids thinking life is about roasting others and 'cracking', yet they're going to live a life of doing odd-jobs and barely scrapping the bottom of the bucket attempting to follow their fake dreams of being a rapper only hearing vulgar lyrics and getting no lesson.

    Looking to your side and seeing people not trying for no reason thinking school is a waste of time when they're wasting their time sitting there and doing nothing. Failing to understand the concept of school and slacking off, thinking they can fall back on football or generic sports having determination without logic to back it up cornering themselves into a life they just can't reach.

    People treat school like a prison, yet they're holding themselves in a cell.

    Oh shit, I accidently ranted a tad.

  • Heres what I think: If people came back, then there's no problem.
    You're just a whiny ho.

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    @Pringle Yeah... I agree with you.
    I just cant handle the stress.
    It gets to the point where this one kid pisses me off so much that i want to elbow jab him in the fucking head.

    Still I gotta stay in school.
    I am getting my workers permit soon so I will be working and im being forced to so addition im just fucked.

    Ill be suprised if i dont throw myself into the bus by the end of this year.

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    @Nirlar No im not a "Whiny ho" im just discussing what I think about the community and sending this out to my friends who acctually give a fuck and dont incorrectly insult me.

    If you dont want to see this then you can just go away and not need to insult a person.
    Its that fucking simple.

  • @Noah_ You're whining now still. I'm not good at nilly's, before and after the wipe. The community is the same as always.

    But yeah, school and the douchebags in it. I just call them some nice name i made up and they never bother me again.

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    @Nirlar Alright dude.
    Im just too fucking tired for this shit. If im whining cool. I dont give a fuck. this was to let the people who actually care to know that im leaving. Not for some random person to give me shit. Good advice too. Ive just personally perceived it that way.

    So if im "A whining ho" then cool.

  • u can't just leave noahs ark like dis

  • Make Nolly Realm Great Again

    @Pringle said in Most likely quitting.:

    INB4 "Leave. nobody wants you here."

    Sucks to see you go again.

    Leave nobody wants you here :trollface:
    No but really,I don't know you that well,but from what I've seen you're a pretty chill dude.You'll be missed "dad"

  • kek rip u 2

  • Everlasting Destiny

    dad, dont leave meeeeeeee :(

  • 0_1474519447310_22.png

  • RototoLyfe

    @Noah_ rip. Well, good luck with life dude. Enjoy it <3 maybe you may return.

    (I cri when Der ain't a mention ;()

  • noah will be remembered in our hearts :)

  • A Waste of Matter

    I see...


    I'll remember this... ;l

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    @Justin137 and @Justin137 for being cool

  • 27


  • Good luck dude

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    @Noah_ The @everyotherloudmanacc are:
    Goodbye bae <3

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    @Jack-the-Ripper I know. Just remainding what these @everyotherloudmanacc are.

  • Who the hell cares.
    Bye bye btw ;)

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