OFFICIAL "Best Class thread"

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    This thread is for those who want to make statement about what is their favourite class!
    This has been a problem in Nillys Realm because nobody really knows what is (the best) class in game. / everyone has their own opinion of the matter.

    The purpose for this is to conclude this topic backed up with evidence proving that a class is more superior than the other.

    Basis you can go on with posting on this thread:

    1. What is the class you have chosen?
    2. What is good about it?
    3. Rating 0-10 on how fun it is to play?
    4. Recommended set for class
    5. Why is this the BEST class in Nillys Realm?

    In the comments stir up good banter so that we can (kindly) insult each other on our perspectives on which is best.

    Hopefully we finally decide which is THE BEST class in Nillys Realm!

  • Knight
    U can stun and has good def
    10 :D
    Dblade/shaylee/pixie og/colo lightweight pyra
    no other class stuns and is a tank

  • Creativity Cafe ☕


    • Can pause enemies in their tracks and rewards the player berserk (or damaging) on using their ability. Very cheap ability UTs.
    • 9-10
    • UH staff/Noble, Heaven orb, Hellfire, Creed/Pizza
    • Has the power to not only to solo many hard dungeons, but make it possible for others to join you and skip large sections of massive enemy groups. Has insanely high damage and incredible utility. Can also be amusing messing with players with stasis. Makes many bosses easier to solo/get damage in, and opens room for opportunity.
      TL;DR: Good team support and solo ability with high damage and incredible survivability.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Pringle Example of it being useful is at the beginning of asylum so you can skip all of the guards :P

  • @ColdBlade true :3

  • Ninja
    Hit & run you can go sanik fast
    Doku, Lab star, csilk - davys armor, and expo.

  • Plebs

    Don't call it an official thread if it isn't.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕


    1. dope as fuck with deadly vixen
    2. 10 out of fucking 10
    3. whatever the fuck you want as long as you have lost light or the t0 (the invis dagger is pretty good on it also if you have lost light)

  • Famous Forumers

    Broken as shit, only class you really need for anything
    Recommended set - Tompooties dye, items don't matter as wizards get their power from dyes


    Stasis. Speedy. Self double buffing.

    Noble Magic and Unholy Church; Planefetter and Conflict; Heaven Monk's Apparel; Gauntlet of Mayhem / Ring of the Pyramid / Captain America Ring

    Nilly's relam is full of idiots that drag. Stasis > drag. Mystic is also good for rushing. Case closed. :P

  • All of you except TurtleBat and I are fucking idiots, wizard is objectively the best class

    You never have to go in to get damage, and if you still feel unsafe you can mscale and spellbomb. You also have a heal with uh spell.


    Literally any set is good, as you get items and pots extremely quickly

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

    ^Fucking communist.

  • Famous Forumers

    ^Fucking capitalist kappa

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @KarkVant If that 10/10 is for fun, then I definately disagree.

    So fucking boring. But hey, that's my opinion.

  • Lovecraft

    Its one of the most versatile class in the game and one of the easier to play
    Uh Staff/Climbing, Uh Spell/ST Spell, Esben, Pizza Ring/Pyra/Mayhem/Gyges
    these is probably one of the best chars for farm and get rich, and the spell can help newbies to get good loots, JUST BELIEVE :3

  • Donor

    What is the class you have chosen? Wizard
    What is good about it? It's the only one on the chart that doesn't have something pointing to it
    Rating 0-10 on how fun it is to play? 9/11
    Recommended set for class Uh staff, Uh Spell , Esben , You Choose
    Why is this the BEST class in Nillys Realm? Wizard


    what baffles me is people thinking wizard is fun... sure it's an extremely versatile and powerful class, but its literally pew pew spellbomb pew pew get loot no real strategy or much skill needed.

  • Lovecraft

    What is the class you have chosen? : Huntress

    What is good about it?


    Umm...seriously... Huntress is best class in OA(not on now ;-;) becuz it could set traps before next round starts.

    Rating 0-10 on how fun it is to play? 100/10

    Recommended set for class

    Dbow,Cbow,Jbow,+ Ctrap,T0 trap + Warden Armor or Tiered armors + cap ring

    Why is this the BEST class in Nillys Realm?

    I have played huntress most frequently since i was prod user, the only reason is this :

    Nexus no miko skin is too beautiful , cute, kawaii, awesome.... Etc

  • Famous Forumers

    @Cuby The Admin Class.

    • They can spawn things and give themselves items.

    • 10

    • Anything. Anything at all.

    • Because you become a god.

  • Lovecraft


    • free to kill pplz

  • Creativity Cafe ☕


    A wand class and my favorite class, his main role is to archive as much DPS as possible with the help of his scepter, wich decimates a group of enemies at the same time.
    Difficulty: 3/10
    DPS: 6/10
    C.C. Capabilities: 9/10
    Supportive rol: 4/10
    -Simple to use. Just aim correctly while you spam with scepter, so you can archive high dps in no time.


    There are many usefull gears but i will mention just a few(Order: Wand/Scepter/Robe/Ring, (Swap))
    Dps path: Pristine Evironment/Fulmi/HellFire/Bracer
    -This set gives a high RoF over att. The Att loss the hellfire robe gives can be easly tolerated with Sorc's high att(75).

    Spamming path: Any wand/Fulmi(T6)/Mad Robe(Gsorc)/Twilight Crystal(Geb Ring(Chaos gauntlet)).
    -Because you're focused on spamming, you don't worry about dmg so much. Fulmi covers a good amount of enemies with such a little MP cost, and the mad robe gives a good wis amount, combined with the rings it generates MP faster than anything.

    My Rating: 6/10

  • Trickster
    The ability to teleport and get out of danger and for other good uses such as rushing.
    Bent dagger, Lost light prism, invis hide, Crown
    Bent dagger and lost light because they go along well. The lost light can turn you invis and get all your glass cannon bent dagger shots in.
    Invis because of the hp and atk & some other sets. The defense lowers but not that much to kill your char so I'd prefer Invis hide.
    Crown because of health, atk and dex with gives a boost to bent dagger.
    Also Crown because why the fuck not when you can have it?

  • @sunghun Also t0 prism aswell
    Because it can tp with only 60 mp used

  • 27

    Wiz, cuz

    Broken as shit, only class you really need for anything
    Recommended set - Tompooties dye, items don't matter as wizards get their power from dyes

  • @Cuby Did I inspire you xD?

  • @Night-Owl Uh wand / Fulmi / HellFire / Bracer ;v

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