What wizard set with 3k?

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    up there ^
    edit: please post full fame cost

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    @loudman42069 just farm around no need to buy but if u rly wanna buy use cosmic shedyt mnova and creed or cap ring

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    Noble staff, mnova, shendyt and pizza ring - gives you a little fame left to add extra pots onto it too.


    Noble/cosmic/climbing(700-800/25-100/600-1k(i dont know real price...but 1k is autism for me))t5-6 spell(25/60-150),gsorc/monk/shendyt(30-60/500-700/700),pizza ring or any tomb ring(nile pyra or amulet)(700/100-500(prices for tomb rings))

  • @LagoonZz said in What wizard set with 3k?:


    Noble staff

    No, its a waste of fame, and its stat bonuses are too miniscule. Since it costs like 700 fame, you could buy astral for ~100 and invest 600 fame into pots.

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    @Vasya very true, but i usually use it because i like the cosmetics on it - the extra fame isnt too much of an issue for me.

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    Astral, Mnova, Elder and exa/para HP.
    Then buy pots or something.

    It's a good and cheap set.
    Little bit "better" set is Cosmic, Deto, Gsorc and Para HP.

    You can't buy any good set with 3k.

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