• a guy by the name of Clay Burton scammed me while trying to buy fame off him sent him the money and instantly ended the skype call and left the trade just a quick warning to anyone who he pms

  • He hasn't been banned yet? He scammed me $17 before. And yes, I am retarted.

  • apparently not
    i got the whole thing on record and will be showing admins asap :)

  • My experiences with him

  • lets hope he gets banned soon even though i might not get my money back or the fame i payed for i dont want anyone else getting scammed by this scumbag

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    Sorry no reunds D:
    I'll see what I can do kids.

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    @mustaqo said in SCAMMER ALERT:

    Sorry no reunds D:
    I'll see what I can do kids.


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    This is why you look up this "Clay Burton" kid and see if he scams around the forums (which is obviously seen by many posts).
    You should've taken note that this is actually Hunter, a VERY well known scammer.
    If it were by any other scammer, I would've not said anything, but since you got scammed so easily by a well-known scammer, I'm saying "Sorry for your loss, no reunds". Be careful next time you're trading.

    Here's a tip next time:
    Never look at their vouches, I, myself, consider them all fake. Some may argue, but this is my honest opinion: I don't care. Always check the forums of their name/IGN/email if anyone has reported him of scamming (check recent comments of their vouch threads if any if they've been scammed or not).

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    @Saddoge-New ;-;
    Y u do dis

  • Thank you creeper, your tips are going to be helpful but i only know 2 people who sell fame i know i can 100% trust and the only reason i went to someone else was because they weren't on for over 16 hours and im just gonna stick with them now

    cheers creeper :)

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    @BeQuietMum That's a good thing to stick to: don't force yourself so quickly to buy fame, etc. It's better to have your items in ~24 hours than a quick one that's going to not give it to you in general.

    But, otherwise, you're welcome. Stay safe out there!

  • thank you dude :)

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