The sad story of Astranite

  • Astranite was a fine lad, he left Prod isles, being banished.
    "JewElimination? None shall bear a name for a guild such as that" They cried.
    And so he left, a two day journey on his favourite rocket ship, he came to Nilly's Realm.
    That was but six Wednesdays ago
    A place like Prod, but different as such.
    And so he played, and when he played, he heard rumors.
    "Oryx arena" They bellowed, almost weeping as such. So thus Astranite came to a man, staring at a brown grave.
    "Sir, what is this Oryx Arena?" He asked to the man, who turned to look at him with a grave face.
    "Ahh, 'tis the most finest of places, death, loot and fame ahh but words three to describe the wonders of such a place.
    Powerful enough to crash the economy and cause a substance known as lag, to destroy the server." The man said to he.
    It sounded great.
    It seemed like everything he would ever want.
    But alas.
    'twas gone.
    And who knew when it would return?
    But the day before, and yesterday, both had one.
    And he missed it!
    Tears welled up in his eyes.
    I had school then. "Fuck" Said he.

  • Famous Forumers

    It's not coming back
    sorry you didn't get here on time to witness the fuckery.

  • Sottler opened again like 20 minutes ago, lots of graves

  • @Enderploop I'm at school everytime he does, yesterday I was 10 minutes late! alas, if he only opened one on a weekend (HintHint)

  • You were at school 20 minutes ago? dude thats fucked

  • @Enderploop TIL timezones

  • @astranite lol.

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