Suspected scammer

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    So, I wanted to trade someone prod items for nillys fame, since obviously I don't play prod anymore, Specifically between the accounts of Cipkas (nillys) and Zuzalaa (prod)

    Anyways, I never go first with someone who has no rep or isn't generally well known, so when this guy offered me 4k fame for my ubhp (a huge overpay) I was kinda suspicious, the rest are in screenshots :)

    hope this saves someone from getting scammed :)

  • Yeah this guy just scammed me and i really hope that he get banned and everyone knows him .
    Hope this guy will never have 1 friend in his real life and get bullied by everyone.
    Fking piece of shit destroying community.
    I hope the owner see this and the guy gets banned.
    Never mind i hope u won't get scammed.

  • @MuselGeil got more proof? because now nothing can be done.

  • He's a scammer he scammed was trading 10k fame for some prod items

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