To the admins

  • Good luck with fixing the servers. Wish you all the best

  • Lolicons

    I wonder why they're going down in the first place. If this isn't intentional, I'm hoping the Marketplace doesn't disappear too.

  • Wiki Editor

    @Wizardism What is NR without a server lmao

  • @Creeper What are memes without eyes?0_1476105451421_Screenshot_1.png

  • @Wizardism Nilly's realm servers are prone to crashes quite often tbh, normally they get restarted pretty often but sometimes they just crash, when there was only 1 server, if it crashed you were shit out of luck until someone who could access the Console physically restarted the servers from the computer they were hosted on. Same deal right now, if marketplace crashes you gotta wait until Nilly can restart them.

    if he cares.

  • Lolicons

    @Sycxx The servers still do crash often, except they're restarted instantly after. I'm sure that nilly created a tool to reboot the servers when they crash. That's why this is odd - they're crashing and never appearing again. Manual reboots haven't been required for quite some time.

  • @Wizardism That, my friendo, is where you're wrong.

    They werent crashing, they were being reset by the program.

    When they crash, they crash entirely, they don't come back up.
    That's why in chat you'll see that the server has come back up, because it's supposed to be, but the program can't set up a server, it can only reset it.

    There's a difference.

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