GameDealer and Scammy scaming Nilly ruining community

  • Re: Official Hacker report Mega Thread here are two players, there IGN's are "GameDealer" and "Scammy." There is this thing called betting now, where somebody streams himself spinning a wheel. whoever the wheel lands on keeps all the items. But he didn't stream and he would host for his friends/guild so they would always win without the other person knowing who actually won. Scammy told Gamedealer that he/she wanted him/her to rig. Since GameDealer knows her in real life, he of course said sure. So they started scamming people and when they stopped, they split the profit 50/50. I honestly think they should be banned because this whole betting thing and scammers are ruining are community, and that's one of the reasons I play nillys instead of realm. The community. I couldn't stand just watching them scam people of their hardwork. screenshots below:

    0_1476157774063_6a1d1980758634b7742a85c4fa63fa42.png 0_1476157778941_db737a0e74ad511dba3aae659b20d400.png

  • Again fam?

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    thank you so much! i will soon be spreading this around the comunity so we can get these scums of the nr street!

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    and honestly if u really want fame dat much u can always do somthin called hmm?


  • @XxYOLOGURT Well I dont scam because I dont need fame but I really dont care at this point I could care less I did not scam anyone so I dont really care if someones spreading it anymore since I am not getting banned fam.

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    even more reasons to hate scammy gr8

  • realm has the same exact shit

  • A Waste of Matter

    I honestly don't get how someone can get scammed this way. xD

    Here's how you do betting, if you wish to bet:

    State what you want to give, if you win, you then do the trade. You don't give him the items to hold.

    If you don't win the bet, you don't give anything.

    How in the hell can people balls it up this bad? xD

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    @Hailtion but then theres more chances for "Oh I didn't win so I'm not giving you anything" there's scammers either way

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    @Crafterofgenius That's the point...

    If you don't win the betting, you don't give anything...

    If you win, you give what you said you would, and the gambling man gives the respectful item.

    What's the issue?

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    @Hailtion people usually gamble in pots not 1v1

  • @Hailtion Ikr im so confused because I was not aware that I was supposfly apart of a scam I just bid for fun.

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