LOVECRAFT GUILD " I will left this guild for a while" THREAD

  • Lovecraft

    if you are gonna quit nr for few days/weeks/monthes, and you wanna be re-invited when you're back, please write here.
    and also, if you left our guild for some reason (ex: "other members have insulted me" , "i wanna go to my friend's guild for few days" "P0rnhub is 2 gud lovecraft is shit guild" ), please write it here.
    if there are any misconceptions or conflicts that make you left our guild, i will solve it here.

  • @Azatoth will prob not be on as much if any now that "realm" servers arent on

  • Lovecraft

    nvm servers fixed im active again.

  • I left Lovecraft to make my own guild and to see where that went. It went nowhere. Anyway, id like to rejoin. Much love <3

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