Rollback Is A Bad Idea

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    I know many players lost items in this incident (not including me) but to be honest if you were going to rollback doing it straight away after the incident would have been a better idea, now most people will be salty about losing there new items (not me because rng hates me) but its probably just a bad idea to rollback, either way if you do or you dont there will be salt everywhere also leaving it is probably the easiest idea aswell, whats done has been done and the motto is: Sorry for your loss no reunds

  • Rollback is supposed be done right after the incident happened, that a long time later.

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    They really should have done it earlier. Unfortunately nilly just decided to not exist.

    Meanwhile Knorrex be like with all dem questions:


  • Rollback cant be done because @DrWhen does not know the server logs but yea.

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    apparently one day later is too late

  • Lovecraft

    @scammy source on that? his last post says otherwise.

    yes rollback now is too late but its needed sadly. players possibly got gifted tons of fame and items. common sense- if admin gets hacked and kills players/gives them fame- expect rollback and dont play while waiting for it.

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    @FakeGharr I'm still not entirely sure DrWhen has any power over actually rolling back the server.

    He might have been just stating that the server will likely be rolled back due to the amount of damages caused. I, too, think we should still have a rollback.

  • A Waste of Matter

    Now your reo najes sebse Avru. xD

    Nah, i kid.

    The only thing i really lost from it was a bbath, and that's because i gave it to a kid because i thought of rollback.

    Already got a higher-priced white, so whatever.

  • Lovecraft

    this is not "your loss."
    this is OUR LOSS.
    server got hacked, many players died, and SOME OF THEM could lose their trust to NR.
    many peoples could worry that accident like this could happen after.
    this is the loss of whole community.

    and Rollback is one of the easiest way to solve the problems.
    also this is the best way to show us "your items and characters will be safe ", and to bring our trust back.
    our fame gains and loots couldn't be compared with server's trust.

    this is my opinion..and sry for bad english

  • I think the admins should better secure their password. Now there will always be a way for the account to be hacked but maybe add something for admins ( even players ) that asks a few questions and if the account is logged onto a different IP those questions have to be answered.

  • Rollback is needed that hacker gifted alot of players fame. He had the rank to /kill and /gift. So its either rollback or wipe and i prefer a rollback.

  • so thats why roll back is a bad idea mmmmmm. Not assuming but could of been gifted by the hacker.
    0_1476281022521_sellign t14 robe.png

  • Lolicons

    @NoNames T14 robe isn't that rare, it's completely legit.


    t14 robe is also shit anyways, shendyt and apparel exist lol

    i've laid out the argument for no rollback like 15 times already in the other thread if anyone wants to check it out, i'm too lazy to type it out here

    tl;dr: so much loot has been received in the past few days that the negative impact of the rollback in erasing loot far outweighs the damage done by the hacker

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