• Shitposters

    This post is deleted!

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    @Avrusa said in B>Pots:


    You really think you can buy 2 life for 100 fame?
    1 life pot is usually around 200-250 fame, so gl on that.

  • He's talking about NR Pots not RotMG isn't he......

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    @Lucarionee ahh, makes more sense

  • Lovecraft

    def is so so possible but rather sell on market for 25-30
    dex is stable 30-35
    wis never below 20.
    vit is kinda possible but usually 25-30
    life rarely drops to 50. usually 65-75
    good luck getting for cheaper.

  • Shitposters

    As this is true ima close this post and just stick around market, probs no use hen people can just go there

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