[MAP] Asylum of Chaos Remake!

  • It's me again, with another remake, ayy lmao.

    Asylum of Chaos Remake

    alt text

    Spawn Area

    alt text

    Notes: I took inspiration from The Prison of Azkaban Alcatraz.


    alt text

    Notes: The mummies beside the Graves are unused Haunted Cemetery enemies, they are weaker Risen Brawlers, also, the entrance towards the Asylum is locked until you destroy the switch.

    Graveyard Area

    alt text

    alt text

    Notes: Self explainatory, the switch that opens the entrance towards the Asylum is behind the Asylum Eye, the switch itself is buffed to have 10k HP instead of normal 5k, to deter "boss skipping".

    Asylum's Entrance

    alt text

    Notes: Self explainatory, two Asylum Loot Eyes are located in the top right and bottom left rooms, Bedlam's hallway is locked until you find and destroy the Switch, the ART box on the bottom is the KillWall trigger to open the entrance's door.

    First Hallway

    alt text

    Notes: A "modified" version of the hallway from the original Asylum, as usual, the first Asylum Statue is located here.

    Dining Room

    alt text

    Notes: Modified Dining Room from the original Asylum.


    alt text

    Notes: A modified Kitchen from the original Asylum, Bonegrind has been removed and this leads towards the "Secret Hallway".

    Wizzard's Hallway

    alt text

    Notes: Like the original Hallway, however, it's vertical instead of horizontal, most of the way, also the Red Demons were removed from this area.

    Secret Hallway

    alt text

    Notes: A sightly modified Secret Hallway, however, it's accesed via the "Maggots Room", so there's no Asylum Loot Eye protecting it.

    Asylum Wizzard

    alt text

    Notes: Pretty much the same room, however, behind the Asylum Wizard there's a switch that unlocks the way towards Bedlam, like the Graveyard's Switch, it has 10k HP instead of 5k, also there's 2 Shades of Avatar protecting it.

    Bedlam's Hallway

    alt text

    Notes: A really modified Hallway towards Bedlam, instead of random enemies in the small rooms, there are Asylum-related enemies, also 2 Loot Eyes can be found, there's 2 small Dining Rooms where the 2 Red Demons are located, however, the top one has 3 Ice Shatters enemies (Mage, Archmage and Adept), and the bottom one has 3 Fire Shatters enemies (Mage, Archmage and Adept), the ART box in this area is the KillWall trigger to open the door towards this hallway.

    Bedlam's Room

    alt text

    Notes: Pretty much the same room with a few modifications.

    I hope you guys like my map.

    P.S: I haven't tested it so i don't know if the Mummies work :P

  • Donor

    skipped all the way down just to say, the asylum will 98% not be re made no matter how many remakes you submit

  • @G_G_PvP Care to explain why?

    Current Asylum is way too... straightforward to be an end-game dungeon, this is the main reason i made the Remake.

  • Donor

    @Paracosm because the asylum has always been like it is, and there is no need to change it, it is good as it is. and there is a very very very low chance that it would change

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    I mean, I've always thought the asylum layout sucked...

    Even though it may not change, I like yours.

  • @G_G_PvP Well... nilly added that crappy New Maze (no offense @Dakoolade), and that maze is WAY too straightfoward to be an actual Maze.

    And did we need a new Map? No we didn't, heck, Old Map has more Chests and Coral Gifts as a plus than the New Map, that has merely 4 Chests (tecnically 3 because the top left one is unaccessible, gg).

    Edit: I honestly believe my Asylum Map (or my Pandora Map) has more chance into making it into the game than the New Maze.

  • Donor

    @Paracosm good luck then


    @Paracosm looks gud

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Paracosm I honestly don't believe it will make its way in game, but you keep trying and maybe one day another map will


    @ColdBlade eh honestly if any of para's maps make it in i would hope this one, current asylum is way too easy to be dropping some of the best items in the game, ub rings and tops at a relatively high rate... as long as you have 40ish speed there's basically no risk with a decent group

    although honestly i'd put adepts in bedlam's hallway just because this shit needs to be harder :P

  • @idkwhatthi There already is adepts in the hallway if you have Wackyleo or any other dragger.


    @astranite it should be harder not because players are douchebags but because the content is designed to be hard...

  • I want to die

    i suggest you decorate the hallways and kitchens with something other than candles

    the ART box isn't a switch; its a killwall, and you put it in the wrong area.

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

    Someone better gib dis dood mapmaker rank

  • @yellooooow Can confirm this. He must have mixed it up with the killwall maybe

  • @astranite Eh, are you sure?

    The KillWall shows up as an ART box when you put it in the map.

    @yellooooow Aren't the KillWall supposed to be close to the shtrs Wooden Gates?

  • I want to die

    @Paracosm they're supposed to be directly next to the gates

  • @yellooooow Food's Map Guide trolled me, since i took that the KillWall should't really be close to eachother to accidentally open other Wooden Gates, i through KillWall had a larger "trigger" area.

    BRB fixing it.

  • Update:

    • Fixed the KillWall trigger, now placed correctly (thanks to @yellooooow )

    • Images updated.

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Does not necessarily have to be near the gates.
    Killwall activates in a long range (around 8 tiles at least in radius), killing all shtrs wooden gate.
    Switch 1 is special, it only detects killwall 1 in a certain range for killwall 1 to activate.

    Just get a mapper rank already

  • @Food Wait, but the KillWall function will still work? Or i need to change KW1 to another KillWall?

  • American

    Just get them to make a new wall lol... xD! Basically it decays when switch is dead. It searches within 999 lol.

            .Init("Asylum Wall 1",
                new State(
                    new State("Idle",
                        new EntityNotExistsTransition("Asylum Switch 1", 999, "Death")
                    new State("Death",
                        new Decay(0)
    <Object type="0x2040" id="Asylum Wall 1">
          <DisplayId>Asylum Wall 1</DisplayId>
       <Object type="0x2041" id="Asylum Switch 1">
          <DisplayId>Asylum Switch 1</DisplayId>

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )


    AS1 activates KW1
    AS2,3,4,5,6 activates KW2
    AS7 activates KW3
    AS8 activates KW4
    Death of Twilight activates KW6

    Killwall1 only works if the switch is placed near it, hence killwall 1 and abandoned switch 1 are placed near to each other (In the beginning of openning the shatters door). Hence, it only works if the abandoned switch 1 is placed a few tiles near killwall 1. However, killwall 1 blows up any shtrs wooden gate in a large range. (around 8 tiles in radius).

    Tl;dr, if you have no other shtrs wooden gate nearby the shtrs wooden gate you want to explode using killwall1, you don't need to edit anything.


    No.Old is better


    idea: replace the wall under asylum wizard with a shtrs wooden wall with a switch on the other side to prevent dragging and create a reason to use the other path (the statue) :^)

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