Why does this happen to me :(

  • I know so much people might have done this but, im pissed this happened a while ago and I cant get over it
    I had a 4/8 pally with some dope stuff such as cap sword and i lagged and oryx fucking killed me.I had no response and I couldnt get over it.i would really like if there were less fucking lag spikes in nc plox nilly.

  • whine cellar plox

  • @ReaperSoul exdeee


    uses a cap sword on a 4/8
    does oryx castle and oryx 2 while lagging on a melee
    said melee has 'dope stuff'

    ^ recipe for disaster right here
    You need to recognize that doing O2 and O3 on melee in general poses a serious risk to the survival of your char. Furthermore, O2 and O3 pose a serious risk to any char that is lagging. You stacked the two risks on top of each other, I wouldn't blame the game here... (As for O4, don't even try xD)

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