Amazing giveaway

  • 1st prize: I will suicide on my lvl 4 trickster npe right next to you.
    2nd prize: I will drop an atk pot for you when you are surrounded by multiple people
    3rd Prize: I will pop some pirate caves for you
    4th: 500 fame

    How to win: Choose a number between 1 and 247. Odd numbers are not allowed, as are any numbers including 1,6 and 7.
    In your entry you must include a nice poem.
    This gets drawn on friday. This is not random btw. I'll be choosing whoever I want to win

  • Creativity Cafe ☕


    Club Razzle Dazzle

    The night was dawning and the admins sat with little to do.
    The vast sky changed from neon orange to a dark pink.
    We tried to yet we couldn't wait, but how could you?
    We all saw the message; in discord: a message with a wink.
    We knew what it meant, everybody knew.
    Because it happened every friday at nine fourty two.

    Only a few mods stayed on just to attend.
    Despite it being against the rules, nobody seemed to mind.
    It was the one true night that everybody would defend.
    It was a night without cancer, and everybody was kind.
    We had our music ready, planning to play all night.
    Once the queue was open, Knorrex would turn on the light.

    Club Razzle Dazzle, it was something to see.
    Players took off their masks, and hundreds were online.
    It was the one time anybody could be free.
    If you brought nice songs then with us you were fine.
    Something was different, in #music this time around
    Nilly had joined and so our club had been found.

    Knorrex said he could explain, and that he had a reason.
    Nilly hushed him and took a moment to stare.
    We all were stunned, thinking of ways to please him.
    He reached into his pocket and pulled out his colorful flare.
    In seconds, he unlocked the Music server starting with his favorite song.
    And thus, the party had started and we had fun all night long.


  • Meme


    I always wanted to be cool,
    That's why I never went school,
    Never learned about George Boole,
    Don't know which countrie's capital's Istanbul,
    What the hell is even a Joule

    You may now think I made a bad decision,
    Never learning short division,
    But let me tell you, I always had that vision,
    That one day you will see me in television,
    because I will jump off a bridge and kill myself.

  • @pringle Club Razzle Dazzle

    Roses are red

    Bacon is also red


    Number: 48

  • @MrLolmen Sorry but your number contains the numbers 1,6 and 7. Your number is also odd. I am sorry to say but you are disqualified.

  • Meme

    @astranite how could this even happen??

  • @Thastor Sorry but your number is an odd number, I am sorry to say but you are disqualified.

  • @astranite NO PLEASE

  • @astranite 46 now bitch :^)

  • @Pringle Congratulations! Your number obeys all the requirements and has a cool poem to match. You are accepted!

  • @Thastor Sorry but your number contains he number 6, I am sorry to say but you are disqualified.

  • @astranite said in Amazing giveaway:

    @Pringle Congratulations! Your number obeys all the requirements and has a cool poem to match. You are accepted!

    Communism at its finest

  • @astranite I will find you and I will kill you

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    can it be a funny poem (kinda dirty?)

  • @astranite 48 now what you gonna do?


  • @Thastor I don't tell many people this, but I have a dark side that only comes out when my friends are in danger. Face me and you face my new sunglasses. Be fucking prepared

  • @astranite Ok you win this fight XD
    Gained respect +1 follower :^)

  • @Thastor Sorry, you have not included a poem in your post. I cannot accept your number. I am sorry to say but you are disqualified.

  • @astranite How to win: Choose a number between 1 and 247. Odd numbers are not allowed, as are any numbers including 1,6 and 7.
    For reference, 1 is the FIRST number of the alphabet.
    6 is the sixth one
    and 7 is the third.
    Please refrain from using those numbers as they are my trigger words.
    You also chose an ODD number. Odd numbers are numbers that end in either a: 0,2,4,6 or an 8.

  • Wiki Editor


    Late Night Campfire Music

    It was late in the night, everyone dazed from their late-night fun,
    the campfire still going, no sights of the sun within the campsite we were in.
    Everyone had already roasted the marshmallows, all left was just one,
    the energy in them, drained to none.

    I knew this was near the end,
    but still though, I wanted to continue this late-night trend.
    Soon, my eyes started to bend
    towards the guitar laying on a table that I hope can continue to stir the blend.

    I tapped softly on the strings,
    gave a little ring.
    I played a little bit of a song that I liked to sing,
    and eventually got others to join in the ping.

    Soon, the area was filled with a peaceful and lovely tune,
    blended perfectly with the bright glow of the moon.
    Once it was finished, the adults began to drink like goons
    as the rest of us headed back into our tents before the sun rises soon.


    I tried to go for like a sweet poem, not something funny (not that type of guy :c).
    If you really wanted that, sowwy, gonna delete this post :c.

  • 48
    A Haiku about errors

    Error 404
    Your haiku could not be found
    Try again later

  • 69 xdxdxdxd

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    95 - my number
    I go to work

    and look with glee,

    at Linda's breasts

    (the secretary)

    alas, each night I go home

    I'm feeling hard but I'm alone

    I cannot have her

    for my love,

    she only screws grade C

    or above

    There is a woman

    at the top,

    she nevers wear a dress,

    she smokes a pipe and has a 'tache

    we think she is a les

    There is a girl in section 4,

    she wears no knickers

    and her skirts are short

    I think I have a way to fool her

    I hope she'll bend to take my ruler

    There is a fat girl on my floor,

    I think she never had sex before,

    Next time that I have a boner

    I'll grab her ass

    and then dethrone her

    There is a guy in building A,

    I'm told, he really is quite gay

    As I'm so desperate, I will fake it

    I'll close my eyes

    and make him take it

    (ps im not this desprate)


  • 90
    Ign: TehNoobSZ
    The water droplets on my head,
    The never ending stream of steaming water
    In the shower, I think
    In the shower I become a sophisticated philosopher
    Sometimes, I become a wonderful singer,
    But no matter what, the water droplets always keep my focused,
    The endless supply of water

    (Boring poem, made in 4th grade a long time ago)

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