Short story

  • I was going home on the bus and a group of people inside the bus got off, there was this one girl with her tits like almost popping out of her shirt... as she got off the bus this girl said "Can your tits pop out of your shirt any further?" in front of everyone I was like O SHIT DAT BOI then the girl turned around and said "don't be such a bitch" and everyone was like OHHHHHHHHH I don't even know what life is anymore :^(

    After this the bus driver was in the middle of a road (active) and he saw mushrooms on the grass at the side of the road. So he stops the bus in the middle of the road to pick the shroom's and when he gets back he says "dinner" XD

    The End.

    Tell me if I should tell more life stories ;^)

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    That's why I abandon myself from society so I don't need to go into details .-.

    but still, hot damn if the shirt went lower :kappa: (pls no ban. just trying to be funny ;-;)

    Life is a strange world.
    May your bus driver get infected by the mushroom's poison and die from it (depends on type of mushroom)

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    Shit that never happened for 10.

  • @Creeper I got linked to Cutie's posts by a guy with "Owl" in his name I read through a little bit and its fucked up and I didn't understand any of it XD

    Can you tell me why people think i'm "Cutie" and is this a good thing or a bad thing? Because I'm really confused now :^(

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    @Thastor It's the way with the emoji stuff that ties between the two of you such as :^) or :^(. Overusing a bunch of emojis gets suspicion between the two of you.

    Sorry for calling you that. It's just uncertain in my own honest opinion between the two of you.

    [update:] Oh nvm, the emojis you use are far too different to show similarity. Taking all of this back, sorry!

  • @Thastor I guess it would be because you turned up right about when Cutie left. You mostly seem similar and you're "Is NR dying" thread showed close ties to that of cutie

  • @astranite I'm sorry for that? It was on my mind for a while now I guess people could have 2 same thoughts on a topic though.

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