Scammer report: SkrilexGmr

  • So I have no pics that would prove that SkrilexGmr would be a scammer, so I guess this would technically be illegitimate, however, I would still be wary trading with SkrilexGmr.
    So basically what happened was I wanted to trade my Toad Bile Cannister for fame and was selling for 3.5k fame. He caught my attention when I saw he was an assassin, hoping he would be interested. He indeed was, but once I asked him, he instantly asked if I had paypal, and told me he would buy it for $5, which did not satisfy the usual $1:1k ratio, which instantly raised my suspicion, as he was also a yellow star. So, nonetheless, I could not turn down that deal, so I told him yes. He said would go first, which also bewildered me since he was so quick to trust me, and he had sent it. However, he immediately follows up with "it usually takes 5-10 minutes to transfer" in which I basically knew it was a scam. So I waited for about 6 minutes and still nothing. He persistently attempted to take the item from me because "he had to go b/c he was grounded for doing a deal he was not suppose to make," even though I still have not received anything. He then told me if I had a Skype, in which I responded no, I have a discord, but he decides to just drop the whole communication thing and say "pls I have to go soon." Then he proceeds to spam "MENTULA IS A SCAMMER" in the chat, even though if I was really a scammer, I would be offline by then. So he goes offline saying "you better not sell that, ill be on Friday, which I doubt he will follow up with. At this time, it has been 30 minutes, and I still have not yet retrieved the money.

    Tl:dr - Be careful with SkrilexGmr.

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    @EpicBaron Good thing you didn't give it away xdddd.

    That's a good old scam technique when the scammer begs for the item first before they pay.

  • @Creeper Yep :D

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    @EpicBaron So yea, good job for saving yourself from your first scammer.

    Always have your doubts when trading (unless it's a highly trusted player (never trade Sniker and his alts speaking Greek despite his rep (which is pointless))

  • @Creeper Thanks!!! I really appreciate it.

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    @EpicBaron Here, imma get ya to 3 rep so you can post quicker. 3 minutes are annoying :c

  • @Creeper Wow, that 3 minutes thing is pretty annoying, I'm grateful

  • To add to this my friend bought a donor acc form this person and he played for like an hour and then he recalled the acc and lost 10$ (this was befor the last wipe)

  • @dcassassin What do you mean by recalled?

  • @EpicBaron he reset the password threw email, recalled the acc back to himself

  • @dcassassin WOW, that is rough. feelsbadman

  • Yeah he didn't care to much it was only 10$

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