The Marsh of Demise! [MAP]

  • Oh yeah, remember the discontinued Swamp of the Lost Souls? Well i revived it and changed it! (fuck you Toastrz).

    The Marsh of Demise

    alt text

    Notes: It maybe look ugly, but it's zoomed out and it's a marsh, the fuck did you expect.

    Spawn Area

    alt text

    Notes: Pretty much self-explainatory, you spawn in a little area surrounded by dead trees.

    First Switch Wall

    alt text

    Notes: You need to destroy a switch in the other way to go through the Marsh safely, if you go through the poisonous water it would be a death sentence for you.

    First Switch

    alt text

    Notes: A narrow pathway towards the First Switch, with loads of enemies, some Dragonflies and Lizard Assassins (fuck me right).

    Marsh's Center and Second Switch Wall

    alt text

    Notes: Pretty much the previous part, you must destroy the switch to continue.

    Second Switch

    alt text

    Notes: Hell A longer, more dangerous pathway compared to the first pathway, this leads towards the second and final Switch.

    Boss Path

    alt text

    Notes: Quite short path towards the Boss Room.

    Swamp Spirit Room

    alt text

    Notes: The Boss Room, contains 4 Limoz Shields in each poisonous water pit, also there's some Green Flames as decoration around the boss room, and of course, Swamp Spirit is in the center (yeah i'm aware that it's Swamp Spirit and this is supposed to be a Marsh, shush).


    Key: alt text

    Sprite: alt text

    Will be sold at Nexus for 666 Fame.

    Portal: alt text

    Sprite: alt text

    Feedback is appreciated as always.

    Edit: I could get BETTER screenshots in game, but i don't have Rank 50 neither i have the power to do it through the enemies if a friend of mine opens the Dream World for me (honestly, i would change the Spawn region and take the screenshot there :P)

  • Loved it. +1

  • 10/10 i support, nilly should add.

  • Famous Forumers

    This dungeon looks fucky imo

  • Banned

    I like it but the map needs to be more Aesthetic

  • @SEXUAL-AF Like i said, the map would look better in-game, unlike in Map Editor view.

  • Yeah and it's a swamp, not really meant to look pretty.

  • Famous Forumers

    @UrNeighbor said in The Marsh of Demise! [MAP]:

    Yeah and it's a swamp, not really meant to look pretty.

    But it doesn't look good as a swamp

  • Banned

    I can tell what it would look like in game, but there aren't enough trees

  • @SEXUAL-AF Eh... 3 tiles wide Trees could work?

  • Update:

    • Added a thicker layer of Dead Trees, making it impossible to go through the marsh freely (unless a suicidal teleport class).

    • Updated the images.

  • Meme

    Didn't read +1
    Still tho, as said by others already, from the screens it doesn't look to good. One thing that bothers me is the green tone (should be darker imo but afaik you would have to recolor every tile sperately so you can leave it as it is :p)
    Second, it would be neat if you would add some dead ends. Kinda fitting for a swamp. Also I kinda dislike the lever stuff. It just doesn't fit the swamp concept. Swamp are sth natural and I think the dungeon should be kept that way. (Basically what I would suggest is removing the lever stuff and instead add dead ends and tons of slowing/sick/etc. (ik sounds like an toxic sewers ripoff but fits a swamp related map way better imo))
    I just now realize that you want the dungeon to be a marsh :/
    Well in this case, if you want to keep it a marsh, I would replace the levers by adding like different paths you can choose (like, the main road splits in three and you have to chose one of them. Each eventually leads to the boss but they differ in difficulty and once you chose a path it closes behind you lod style (the others close too) this would also force the ppl to cooperate not like most of the other dungeons and you could make the dungeon a little bit more challenging)
    Ik that this would require different layouts since it would be known which path is the easiest quite soon but you could prevent this by adding mini bosses whose drops would come up for the extra effort the players would have to put into the dungeon (maybe even some unique whites like the abyss idol ones)

    And last but not least, the only and most important request, please add shrek references.

    I need this in my life ;_;


    @Paracosm invisi trix mlg rush gg rest of group

  • @MrLolmen Uh, the main reason i added the switches (not levers) was because of rushers, the tiles are like that because, it's a marsh, and sadly there's no dark green water in the Map Editor.

    The dead ends seem kinda pointless, since the map will be always the same, people will go obviously the right way once they memorize it.

    There's no way to add closing paths, and the only way to do that is via the Bridge that activates at The Shatters, but it would be shattered ground or bridge tiles instead of dark green grass, also Pure Evil when it despawns.

    The mini-bosses seem way too complicated.


    @Paracosm um... you realize tricksters can teleport past shatters walls right...

  • Banned

    @Paracosm If you send me the map file I'll add trees
    (Also make the trees bigger the farther they go back until 3x3 then fill in most of the map with the 3x3s)

  • Meme

  • A Waste of Matter

    Holy FUCK that's big. xD

    Post a download link from, and i'll open it.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    This is pretty cool. I think in all the useless exterior space you should just add more trees so it doesn't look strange for people with large view areas.

  • 27

    Why don't you just make a labyrinth/maze like dungeon. Do you really need to rape all those switches?
    I know, you were once trying to argue with me when the logic came with me and my posts, but woah.. Walls in the swamp?

    I get it. Because this dungeon isn't gonna drop from enemies in the realm. It's not a bad idea, but why all those switches?

    I like the idea of this map, the only thing that I don't like is that there's only one pathway. Make more of them, it's a marsh, not shatters.

  • @Jack-the-Ripper It's not exactly walls, they are trees, and marshes do have quite an amount of trees normally.

    Why would i make a maze if the map would not be randomly generated, people would memorize the path and it would ruin the labyrinth thing (other things, like The Maze's HUGE size, could work, but i ain't making a Maze ripoff with marsh stuff).

    There isn't even a lot of switches, there's only 2 of them.

  • Member Of The Mafia

    lol why does the key loook like snake pit with long hair..

    when snake pit key forgot to get a haircut

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